Jason Derulo Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations In Lawsuit


Jason Derulo, the renowned singer, has strongly refuted claims made in a recently filed lawsuit alleging sexual harassment. In a video statement shared on his Instagram account, he vehemently denied the allegations made by Emaza Gibson, an aspiring musician.

Key Takeaway

Jason Derulo has categorically denied the sexual harassment allegations brought against him by Emaza Gibson, emphasizing his support for those pursuing their dreams and his dedication to leading a positive life.

The Allegations and Derulo’s Response

Gibson filed a lawsuit in L.A. Superior Court, stating that Derulo had approached her in 2021 with an offer to collaborate on music. She believed he would serve as her mentor and even signed an agreement to work on projects including a mixtape and an album under Derulo’s guidance.

However, according to Gibson, Derulo’s intentions took a dark turn. She alleged that he coerced her into participating in “goat skin and fish scales” rituals, which involved drug use and sexual activities. Gibson also claimed that Derulo persistently propositioned her for sexual encounters, even attempting to manipulate her with alcohol.

In response to these allegations, Derulo expressed his disbelief and professed his commitment to opposing all forms of harassment. He firmly stated that the claims against him were false and hurtful, denying any involvement in the alleged misconduct.

The Lawsuit and Gibson’s Alleged Consequences

Gibson contends that Derulo abruptly cut off all communication and terminated their contract, leading to her diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. She claims to have suffered breakdowns and other significant health issues as a result of the incidents.

In her lawsuit, Gibson seeks legal recourse for sexual harassment, breach of contract, and alleged retaliatory termination.

As the legal battle between Jason Derulo and Emaza Gibson unfolds, the singer remains firm in his denial of the allegations, continuing to advocate for a supportive and harassment-free environment.