Cornell University Cancels Classes After Antisemitic Threats Cause ‘Extraordinary Stress’


Cornell University, a renowned institution of higher learning, has made the decision to cancel classes on Friday in response to a series of threatening and antisemitic messages targeting its Jewish students. The university cited the “extraordinary stress of the past few weeks” as the reason for this unprecedented move.

Key Takeaway

Cornell University has canceled classes amid heightened stress caused by antisemitic threats made against Jewish students. A student, Patrick Dai, was arrested and charged in connection with these threats. The incident underscores the importance of combatting hate speech and ensuring the safety and well-being of students on campus.

A Disturbing Incident

The recent incident that led to this extreme response occurred when a Cornell junior, identified as 21-year-old Patrick Dai, was arrested and charged with making threats against Jewish students on campus. According to New York prosecutors, Dai posted online messages expressing his intention to harm and even kill members of the Jewish community at Cornell. In particular, he mentioned targeting the 104 West dining hall, known for its predominantly kosher offerings, and revealed plans to bring an assault rifle to campus.

FBI Investigation Uncovers Antisemitic Messages

Upon discovering these disturbing threats, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wasted no time in launching an investigation. Agents found a series of antisemitic messages on an online discussion forum, posted under a username that referenced Hamas, a militant organization. Although the account did not explicitly link Dai to the messages, federal investigators were able to trace the IP address and establish him as the prime suspect.

Dai’s Admission and Legal Proceedings

During an interview with the FBI, which took place on Tuesday, Patrick Dai reportedly admitted to posting the threatening comments. The following day, he made an appearance in federal court, although he did not enter a plea at that time.

The Broader Context

The incident at Cornell University comes in the wake of escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East. The conflict has resulted in widespread death, destruction, and political unrest not only in the region but also within the United States. These tensions have fueled discord and further highlighted the urgency of addressing hate speech and threats on educational campuses.