Blueface Slapped With $13 Million In Damages Over Vegas Strip Club Shooting


Blueface, the popular rapper, has recently been ordered to pay a massive sum of $13 million in damages to the owner of a Las Vegas strip club where a shooting incident occurred. This news comes after Blueface managed to avoid jail time, receiving only probation for his involvement in the incident.

Key Takeaway

Blueface has been ordered to pay

3 million in damages to the owner of a Las Vegas strip club where a shooting occurred. The court’s ruling follows a lawsuit filed by the club, highlighting the detrimental impact of the incident on their business. This development underscores the financial consequences of violence in such establishments.

The Lawsuit and Ruling

Euphoric Gentleman’s Club, the establishment where the shooting took place, sued Blueface for the damage caused to their business. The club’s owner claimed that the incident had a detrimental impact on their operations, leading to financial losses. In a recent development, the court has granted summary judgment in favor of the club, ordering Blueface to pay a staggering $13,072,482 in damages.

The Breakdown of Damages

The substantial amount is divided into various categories. The majority includes $12.6 million in lost revenue, reflecting the negative impact on the club’s income. Additionally, there are lease damages amounting to $198,000, covering the club’s contractual obligations. Moreover, around $84,000 is allocated for payroll expenses, compensating employees who had to be paid following the club’s forced closure in November 2022.

Blueface’s Sentence and Possible Appeal

Blueface had previously reached a plea deal in the criminal case associated with the shooting incident. As a result, he received a suspended sentence, sparing him from serving time behind bars. Instead, he will be on probation for three years, subject to certain conditions.

As of now, it is unclear whether Blueface intends to appeal the recent ruling. Notably, he did not have legal representation during the civil case, and he failed to appear in court to contest the judgment.