Blueface Faces Arrest Warrant In Las Vegas For Alleged Probation Violation


Blueface, the rapper, is facing more legal trouble as a judge in Las Vegas has issued a warrant for his arrest due to an alleged probation violation. This adds to his current incarceration in a Los Angeles jail for a separate probation violation related to an assault case in California.

Key Takeaway

Blueface is facing an arrest warrant in Las Vegas for an alleged probation violation, adding to his legal troubles while he is currently in custody in a Los Angeles jail for a separate probation violation.

Alleged Probation Violation in Las Vegas

The warrant issued by a Nevada judge is a result of Blueface’s alleged violation of the terms of his probation in Nevada. This probation stems from a plea deal he made in a Vegas strip club shooting case, for which he received a suspended sentence and was placed on 3 years of probation.

Blueface’s attorney has indicated that the alleged probation violation in Vegas is related to a cell phone video from a performance in Utah, where Blueface is seen bringing a woman on stage and instructing his fiancée to “get her” as she attacked the woman.

Legal Consequences

If found guilty of violating his probation, Blueface could potentially face imprisonment for a few years, in addition to the time he is already serving for the separate probation violation in California.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement

Despite the legal challenges, Blueface’s lawyer has stated that he is cooperating with law enforcement and intends to turn himself in to Nevada authorities after serving his time in California.