Raiders’ Chandler Jones Arrested In Las Vegas: Violation Of Protective Order


Raiders star Chandler Jones found himself in legal trouble in the early hours of Thursday morning, as he was arrested in Las Vegas. This incident comes just hours after the emotional breakdown that Jones had shared on social media. The 33-year-old All-Pro was subsequently booked into the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada, where he is currently being held.

Key Takeaway

Chandler Jones, a star player for the Raiders, has been arrested in Las Vegas for violating a protective order. Jones has been away from the team due to a dispute over facility access and has not played in any of the team’s games this season.

While the exact details surrounding Jones’ arrest remain unclear, sources indicate that he violated a protective order, prompting law enforcement to respond and take him into custody. It is worth mentioning that the Super Bowl champion was cooperative during the arrest.

Jones has been absent from the Raiders since September 5 due to an alleged dispute regarding access to the team’s facility. As a result, he has not participated in any of the three games played by the team this season, leading to a record of 1-2.

Concerns have been raised about Jones’ recent behavior. Earlier this week, he claimed he was forcibly admitted to a mental health hospital and given medication against his will. On Thursday, Jones went live on social media, making serious but unfounded allegations about Josh McDaniels and Aaron Hernandez’s death, which resulted in an emotional breakdown during the livestream.

Despite the concerns surrounding his behavior, Jones has expressed his desire to resume his football career with the Raiders and has insisted that he is okay. However, his recent actions have caused worry within the football community.