Chandler Jones Claims He Was Forced Into Mental Health Hospital, Alleges Injections


Las Vegas Raiders star Chandler Jones has made shocking claims that he was forcibly admitted into a mental health hospital and injected with an unknown substance. The 33-year-old NFL player alleges that this happened after authorities expressed concerns about his online posts.

Key Takeaway

NFL star Chandler Jones alleges that he was forcefully admitted to a mental health hospital and injected against his will. He claims this happened after authorities expressed concerns about his online posts. Jones has voiced dissatisfaction with the treatment he received at the facility and questioned the intentions of those involved. The Raiders have termed the matter as “personal” and “private.”

Forced Admission and Alleged Injections

In a series of journal entries shared on his X page, Jones described how a group of 5 to 7 individuals showed up at his front door and insisted on taking him to the hospital. He claims that despite his protests, he was placed in an ambulance and later injected against his will.

After being initially taken to Southern Hills Hospital, Jones was then transferred to Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital, which specializes in treating individuals with mental health issues. However, Jones voiced his dissatisfaction with the treatment he received during his time there.

Unfavorable Conditions and Lack of Support

According to Jones, the facility failed to provide adequate conditions for a high-profile athlete like himself. He reported sleeping on the floor and not being offered a proper bed. Despite his attempts to reach out to the Las Vegas Raiders for assistance, Jones claims he has not received any response.

Remaining Resolute and Suspicion of Motives

Despite the challenging circumstances, Jones expressed his determination to continue working out. He also questioned the intentions of those who placed him in the hospital, suggesting that they had ulterior motives for doing so.

Previous Controversies

This recent incident follows Jones’ absence from playing for the Raiders this season after being placed on the non-football illness list. He had previously caused a stir with a social media rant where he declared his unwillingness to continue playing for the Las Vegas team. Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels has referred to the matter as “personal” and “private.”

Chandler Jones, who signed a lucrative 3-year, $51 million contract with the Raiders last season, has yet to publicly explain the content of his controversial online posts or provide further details about his recent hospitalization.