Top Gold-Farming methods in WoW Dragonflight Fourth Season

Top Gold-Farming methods in WoW Dragonflight Fourth Season

Earning gold in WoW Dragonflight is an important aspect of gameplay that is well-known to all players. Gold is needed for many aspects of the game. Owning enough gold gives players great opportunities, ranging from increasing character stats and purchasing rare items to purchasing a WoW token. The ability to effectively use gold is one of the key factors in the world of WoW, determining the success and comfort of the gameplay. Players earn gold in various ways, trying to find the most effective farming methods or buying WoW gold on special trading platforms. Here are the best methods for farming gold in the fourth season of Dragonflight, in the author’s opinion.

Solo Farm

Preparation for farming


Warmode is an option that allows you to participate in the open-world PvP with enemy faction players. This makes your adventures more dangerous, but you can receive 10% more gold and experience for completing quests.

Increase item level

Your character’s ilvl affects the difficulty of game mechanics and events. Along with the difficulty, the reward for the quests also increases. It is recommended to enhance your equipment to a minimum item level of 450 to acquire additional resources. Equipment can be bought in the Auction House. This will cost some money, but it’s a quick way to level up for new players and will quickly pay for itself.

Gold Farm Methods

Weekly caches

Caches are a type of item that you can use from your inventory. They can be opened to receive random equipment, materials, or gold. The most valuable drop, that you can get with a small chance, is an Overflowing Satchel of Coins, which gives 15,000 gold. There are three caches in total: Cache of Awakened Dreams, Cache of Awakened Storms and Cache of Awakened Embers. To obtain them, you must complete the Last Hurrah quests, which are located in different parts of the map.

World quests

World Quests are special tasks that are available to players for a limited time and offer various rewards. These quests are scattered throughout the game world and are denoted by a special icon on the map. These quests are usually associated with a specific zone or area and offer players unique challenges and stories specific to that region.

Local quests can include various tasks, such as killing a certain number of mobs, collecting a certain amount of resources, communicating with NPCs and exploring the territory. Quests are updated twice a week, so this is a constant and stable source of farming. Some locations may have a Dreamsurge event that doubles the rewards for world quests. Don’t forget to turn on Warmode, when passing them.

Dragon riding races

This is a type of local activity scattered across different parts of the map, where you fly a route on a dragon and receive for this a Dragon Race Participant’s Wallet with 550 gold coins. Races are updated twice a week.

Community Feast

Community Feast is a side quest in Dragonflight that allows you to earn Iskaara Tuskarr’s Reputation and rewards. The event starts every 3 hours 30 minutes and lasts for 15 minutes. Chief Soup Chef Big Kinuuk makes a 15-minute call to adventurers before the event begins. Once the event begins, players can contribute to the soup, following simple instructions that must be fulfilled to increase the progress bar. As a reward, you can get a Supply-Laden Soup Pot. The most valuable reward is an Alchemical Flavor Pocket, which costs a large amount of gold. You can find out the current price of this item at the Auction house.

Team Farming

BoE farm items

BoE items are an opportunity to get a large amount of gold at once, but this activity requires a lot of time. To obtain such items, you need to go through raids with other players and, if you are lucky, you will receive a valuable item from the mobs that you can sell in the Auction House. You can find assembled groups that farm items, using the raid search. Usually, such groups are called BoE.

Offering help to other players

If you are a strong and skilled player and you need quick income, then you can help other players complete dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty. You can call your friends and together increase the level of the player’s mythical key. He can repay you with gold for your services. Blizzard does not prohibit this type of relationship between players if payment is made with in-game currency, so this method of obtaining currency is not illegal.

An alternative way to get gold in WoW Dragonflight

Boost services in World of Warcraft offer players a convenient way to replenish their in-game gold balance, offering WoW gold for sale at competitive prices. WoW gold buying becomes available in just a few clicks, providing instant gold delivery in the game. One of the main advantages of such services is the ability to buy gold WoW without the need to spend a lot of time farming. However, before you buy WoW gold cheap, it is worth ensuring the reliability and safety of the chosen source to avoid the risk of account blocking. Ultimately, the right choice of the best place to buy gold WoW can significantly streamline the gameplay, but it’s important to remember the possible risks.


Mastering various gold farming methods in WoW Dragonflight is important for enhancing your gaming experience and achieving success in the game. Whether you prefer solo farming or group activities, you have plenty of options to tailor to your playstyle and preferences.