Chandler Jones Arrest Video Reveals Bizarre Interaction With Police


Peculiar Requests and Strange Behavior

According to police documents, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers initially confronted Jones outside his ex-partner’s house, alleging that he was in violation of a temporary protection order. The body camera footage shows Jones immediately making odd requests from inside his Mercedes. He asked the officers to physically remove him from the vehicle and even requested that one of them put his phone in the other officer’s pocket.

Key Takeaway

The arrest video of former NFL star Chandler Jones showcases his erratic behavior and peculiar requests during the encounter with the police officers. Jones, who was in violation of a temporary protection order, exhibited unusual conduct and made eccentric inquiries throughout the interaction. His legal troubles have resulted in his release from the Raiders and his status as a free agent in the NFL.

Attempting to provide an explanation for his presence outside his ex-partner’s house, Jones stated that he was merely dropping off a dumpster in the backseat of his car after taking out her trash. His explanations seemed disjointed and unclear.

The unusual behavior continued as Jones asked the officers to take off his hat and requested permission to sit on the ground. He even asked an officer to scratch his nose and adjust his shirt. Despite all these strange requests, the officers informed Jones that he would be taken to jail for violating the temporary protection order.

Minor Obstacles and Peculiar Inquiries

As the officers attempted to place Jones in a squad car, he expressed concern that he would not fit due to his height and professional athlete status, proudly mentioning that he played for the Raiders and had an impressive 112 sacks. Throughout the ordeal, Jones expressed discomfort, complaining of back cramps and focusing on trivial details such as the brand of water available at the county jail.

Jones then made yet another request, asking the officers for the keys to his car. Shortly after, he became increasingly agitated, threatening to make louder noises and summon a sheriff if he was not taken to jail promptly. His agitation escalated, and he yelled for help while repeatedly mentioning that he was a millionaire and implying that he would not file a lawsuit against the officers.

Legal Troubles and Ongoing Issues

Following his arrest, Jones was booked on two counts of violating a domestic violence temporary protection order. He was later released. However, according to subsequent police documents, Jones found himself in trouble with the law once again in early October. Just days after being released from jail, he allegedly violated the temporary protection order by sending Instagram messages to his ex-partner.

Currently, Jones, a 33-year-old pass rusher, remains a free agent after being released by the Raiders following his initial arrest. He has not played a game in the NFL since the 2022 season.