Chandler Jones Revels In Good Spirits As He Gets First Tattoo Following Raiders Release


Chandler Jones, the former Las Vegas star, seems to be handling his split with the Raiders in a positive way. Recently, he was spotted at a tattoo parlor, getting his first-ever tattoo. Despite the recent turbulent events in his life, Jones appeared to be in good spirits throughout the process.

Key Takeaway

Chandler Jones, despite the recent turmoil in his life, appeared to be in high spirits while getting his first tattoo after being cut by the Raiders.

The 33-year-old pass rusher visited Valerie DiMaggio’s West Coast Tattoo Parlor in Vegas, just four days after being cut by the Raiders. Accompanied by a woman who seemed to be his love interest, Jones was seen with a wide smile on his face. He worked closely with the talented artist Bobby Vegas to etch some crosses on the side of his neck.

Contrary to the emotional breakdown and the arrest that Jones experienced last week, sources at the tattoo parlor reported that he was “super friendly” and “super happy” during his visit. Despite the recent challenging events, Jones seemed to exude positivity and a sense of calm.

Valerie DiMaggio, the owner of the tattoo parlor, described Jones as “a real nice guy” throughout the entire process. The tattooing session lasted around 30 minutes, and after it was all finished, Jones was so thrilled with his new ink that he even expressed interest in getting matching tattoos with the woman accompanying him.

While Jones didn’t mention his future plans regarding his football career, it seems that he is ready for a fresh start. Perhaps the new tattoo symbolizes a new beginning and a positive outlook for the talented athlete. Only time will tell what lies ahead for Chandler Jones both on and off the field.