Pacman Jones Uses Arrest Video To Promote New Song: A Publicity Stunt?


Former NFL player, Adam “Pacman” Jones, seems to be capitalizing on his recent airport arrest by using the police video footage to promote his new rap song. The 39-year-old posted a snippet of the arrest video on his Instagram page, where he can be seen questioning a police officer about his arrest and then transitioning into a clip of his latest rap song.

Key Takeaway

Former NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones is using his recent arrest video to promote his new rap song, raising questions about whether this is a publicity stunt.

Arrested for Complaining About a Faulty Charging Port?

The video shows Jones, who was taken into custody at Northern Kentucky International Airport on September 11, loudly questioning the officer about why he was being arrested. According to Jones, all he did was complain to the airline employees about a faulty charging port on his plane. In the footage, Jones can be heard saying, “Bro, I’m going to jail for being on the plane?! Bro, I didn’t even yell at nobody!”

A Publicity Stunt?

By using the arrest video to promote his new song, Jones appears to be trying to generate attention and clicks for his music. He captioned the video with, “Its always two sides of the story …….new music. Ep coming.” This move has raised questions about whether Jones is using his legal troubles as a publicity stunt.

Legal Consequences

Jones, who maintains his innocence and claims he did nothing wrong at the airport, is currently facing three misdemeanor charges related to the incident. He is scheduled for a court hearing next week.