Pacman Jones Arrested At Airport: Former NFL Star Denies Charges


Former NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones was recently arrested at an airport near Cincinnati, which led to charges of making terroristic threats and alcohol intoxication. However, Jones vehemently denies the charges, calling them “bulls***” and proclaiming his innocence during a passionate defense to a group of reporters.

Key Takeaway

Adam “Pacman” Jones, former NFL star, vehemently denies charges of making terroristic threats and being intoxicated during an incident at an airport near Cincinnati. Jones insists that he is the victim and calls for accurate reporting of the facts. This arrest is the latest in a series of legal troubles that have plagued his career.

Denial of Wrongdoing and Intoxication

Jones adamantly denies any wrongdoing, insisting that he did not make any terroristic threats and was not intoxicated during the alleged altercation. In response to a reporter’s question about his sobriety, Jones confidently asks, “Do I look intoxicated to you? I only been locked up for two hours.” He also challenges the notion of being drunk in the morning, stating, “Who in the hell is drunk at 6:30 in the morning, man?”

Claiming to be the Victim

Known for his previous brushes with controversy, Jones suggests that he is being unfairly targeted and victimized in this situation. Expressing frustration, he states, “This s*** is getting old, bro. It’s getting old. And we gotta stop doing this.” Jones calls on the media to report the facts accurately, claiming that the entire incident was sparked by his request to move seats due to a malfunctioning electric outlet at his assigned spot.

Details of the Arrest

The arrest took place at approximately 6 AM, following a call to assist with an “unruly passenger.” Along with the charges of alcohol intoxication and terroristic threatening, Jones is also facing a disorderly conduct misdemeanor charge. The timing of the terroristic threats charge, given the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, adds significance to the case.

A History of Legal Troubles

Prior to this incident, Jones has had previous encounters with the law, including a notable airport brawl in Atlanta back in 2018, where he was ultimately determined not to be the aggressor. In 2021, he was arrested for his involvement in a violent altercation at a bar in Cincinnati. These incidents highlight a recurring pattern of legal issues that have followed him throughout his career.