Pacman Jones Calls Cops ‘Stupid F***ers’ In Outburst After Arrest, Police Video Reveals


Newly released police video shows former NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones losing his temper and hurling insults at police officers following his arrest earlier this week. The incident occurred at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport when Jones was removed from a plane after a dispute with airline employees over a malfunctioning electrical outlet at his seat.

Key Takeaway

Former NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones was captured on police body cam footage berating officers and using foul language after being removed from a plane at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Jones maintains that he was unfairly treated and did nothing wrong.

In the body cam footage, Jones can be seen attempting to explain the situation to the officers. However, the situation quickly escalates, with Jones berating and cursing at one of the officers on the jetway. He tells the officer, “You need to learn how to talk to a motherf*er, bro. ‘Cause I don’t mind going to jail. I’m letting you know that. But, you better learn how to motherf*ing talk to somebody. Because you ain’t my daddy, n.”

Despite attempts to calm Jones down, his anger only intensifies. He shouts, “This s*** is wrong!” Moments later, the officers handcuff him, and his outburst reaches a new level.

Sources close to Jones claim that his agitation stemmed from being unfairly kicked off the plane. They assert that his comments were made in the heat of the moment, and he stands by his belief that he did nothing wrong.

As Jones is escorted away from the aircraft, he continues to yell and curse at the officers. In the back of a squad car, he directs his anger towards one specific officer, challenging them to breathalyze him after they accused him of being intoxicated. He exclaims, “How the f* you going to lock me up for alcohol and you ain’t breathalyze me?! You sound stupid as f*. It’s 6 AM in the morning, n. I had one f*ing drink, which was a Pinot f*ing Grigiot. Go to the f*ing bar and ask them. You stupid f*ers!”

Meanwhile, on the plane, the pilot and a flight attendant inform a police officer that Jones had been causing a disturbance, prompting them to return to the gate. Subsequently, Jones was taken to a nearby jail and booked on misdemeanor charges of alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct, and terroristic threatening. He was later released.

Throughout the ordeal, Jones maintains his innocence, claiming that he was mistreated and that his only desire was to have a functioning outlet so that he could use his iPad to prepare for the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Monday Night Football game. “I was the one who was mistreated,” he stated.