Oklahoma Cop Arrested For Assaulting Sex Shop Worker In Bizarre Argument Over Sex Toys


An Oklahoma cop has found himself on the wrong side of the law after allegedly attacking a sex shop worker during an argument about the size of his wife’s sex toys. The incident took place at Christie’s Toy Box in Oklahoma City and has since captured national attention.

Key Takeaway

An Oklahoma cop faces legal repercussions after allegedly assaulting a sex shop worker during an argument over the size of his wife’s sex toys. The incident has raised concerns about abuse of power and highlights the importance of professional conduct by law enforcement officials.

A Fiery Exchange

The accused, David DeWitt, a commander with the Pottawatomie Sheriff’s department, accompanied his wife to the adult store to purchase a new sex toy. However, things took a heated turn when DeWitt became infuriated at the size of the items his wife selected, reportedly claiming they were “bigger than him.”

According to the store clerk, DeWitt verbally berated his wife, suggesting that she did not need “fake penises” that made him feel inadequate. As tensions escalated, the clerk intervened to protect the woman and asked DeWitt to leave the premises. In response, DeWitt allegedly defiantly asserted his authority as a law enforcement officer with a profanity-laced statement.

The Violent Outburst

The violent encounter unfolded as DeWitt and his wife were in the process of paying for their purchases. The clerk innocently asked if they would like to buy batteries for their new device. This seemingly innocuous remark triggered DeWitt’s anger, causing him to berate the clerk with derogatory language.

Unable to bear the insult, the clerk told DeWitt to back off. However, DeWitt responded by physically assaulting the worker, lunging behind the store counter and repeatedly punching him in the face and ribs. In the ensuing chaos, DeWitt also threw merchandise around the store before leaving in his extravagant convertible Bentley.

From Speeding to Arrest

Ironically, DeWitt’s run-in with the law did not end at the sex shop. Shortly after leaving the store, he was pulled over by a state trooper for speeding. Initially, the trooper intended to issue a warning, but upon hearing the report of the alleged altercation over a sex toy, he promptly contacted the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Following an investigation, David DeWitt was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor assault. As a consequence, he has been suspended from duty without pay until the completion of the investigation.