Zach Bryan Earns Praise From National Police Association For Genuine Apology After Arrest


Country singer Zach Bryan has gained recognition from the National Police Association, a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting police officers nationwide. This recognition comes in response to Bryan’s swift and genuine apology following his recent arrest.

Key Takeaway

Zach Bryan’s immediate and genuine apology after his arrest has earned him recognition and appreciation from the National Police Association. By choosing to take responsibility for his actions, Bryan sets a positive example for others, demonstrating the importance of humility and support for law enforcement.

Apology Acknowledged and Appreciated

Retired Sgt. Betsy Branter Smith, spokesperson for the National Police Association, commended Zach Bryan for his sincere expression of regret. According to Sgt. Smith, officers value the fact that Bryan wasted no time in extending his apology, emphasizing that his remorse felt genuine and heartfelt.

A Positive Example

Sgt. Smith shared that she has also spoken to other law enforcement professionals who share her sentiment, noting that individuals with a sense of entitlement, similar to Bryan’s behavior, are not uncommon encounters. However, she emphasized her gratitude that someone of Bryan’s status is setting an example by admitting fault and demonstrating support for the police.

An Unfortunate Incidence

In the obtained dash cam footage of Bryan’s arrest, he made derogatory remarks about the police, stating, “f***ing cops are out of hand, truly,” and making demeaning comments about the officers’ age and race. Despite these comments, Sgt. Smith expressed understanding and forgiveness, highlighting that Bryan did comply with the officers and did not engage in physical aggression.

The Impact of Celebrities’ Statements

Sgt. Smith acknowledged that several country stars have recently voiced criticisms against law enforcement. In this context, Zach Bryan’s apology video stands out as a refreshing departure. Moving forward, Sgt. Smith hopes that Bryan will leverage his platform and influence to support the men and women serving in American law enforcement.