Zach Bryan Opens Up About His Arrest And Takes Full Responsibility


In a recent video statement, singer-songwriter Zach Bryan has spoken out about his arrest in Oklahoma, acknowledging that he was solely to blame for the incident. Bryan’s arrest took place in Craig County and he shared a detailed account of what transpired with law enforcement.

Key Takeaway

Zach Bryan has taken complete ownership of his arrest, acknowledging his foolish and immature actions. Despite the circumstances, he has accepted his responsibility and expressed remorse for his behavior.

Unexpected Turn of Events

The ordeal began when Bryan was driving through the small town of Vinita and was pulled over for slightly exceeding the speed limit. As the officer approached his vehicle, Bryan was asked for his license, registration, and home address. However, feeling uneasy, Bryan opted not to disclose his home address, explaining that he was uncomfortable doing so as a musician.

  • Bryan’s refusal to provide his address led to a warning from the officer that he might be taken into custody.
  • Despite the threat of arrest, Bryan refused to comply, resulting in the officer handcuffing him.
  • The situation escalated as Bryan continued to inquire about the reasons behind the officer’s actions.
  • Eventually, Bryan relented and shared his address, which led to his release without further consequences.

A Second Encounter

A few days later, Bryan and his security guard were traveling in separate vehicles towards Boston, Massachusetts, when Bryan noticed the same officer pulling over his bodyguard in Vinita. Frustrated by the delay, Bryan parked behind them and left his car to investigate.

  • Despite the officer’s order to return to his vehicle, Bryan disregarded the command, resulting in his subsequent arrest.
  • He was later charged with obstruction of investigation and spent some time in county jail before being released.

Taking Accountability

Reflecting on the events that unfolded, Bryan took full responsibility for his actions, admitting that they were both absurd and immature. With humility, he acknowledged his mistakes and asserted that such behavior would not be repeated.

Bryan concluded his statement by admitting, “I was just an idiot, I’ll take the fall for it. I’m a grown man. I shouldn’t have behaved like that and it won’t happen again.”

While this incident may have caused a setback for Bryan, many hope that he will learn from this experience and continue to grow both personally and professionally.