Zachery Ty Bryan Spotted At Bars After DUI Arrest


Key Takeaway

Zachery Ty Bryan was seen at bars following his DUI arrest, raising concerns about his well-being and decision-making.

Zachery Ty Bryan, the former "Home Improvement" star, was seen at a couple of bars in La Quinta, CA just days after his DUI arrest. This comes as a surprise to many, given the recent legal trouble he's faced.

Happy Hour Visits

On Tuesday, Zachery Ty Bryan was spotted at two different bars in La Quinta, CA. He first visited Amigos bar for happy hour around 3 PM, and then moved on to a local Applebee's, arriving around 4:15 PM. Despite the recent DUI arrest, he seemed to be enjoying his time at these establishments.

Responsible Choices

Although Bryan's presence at these bars is concerning, it's worth noting that he opted for a rideshare to get to the second bar, showing a level of responsibility. However, his decision to frequent such environments raises questions about his well-being and judgment.

Recent DUI Arrest

Just a few days prior to these bar visits, Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested by La Quinta Police for driving under the influence. This incident has sparked further concerns about his behavior and legal troubles.