Chrisean Rock Gets Blueface Portrait Tattooed On Her Face


Chrisean Rock, the 23-year-old mother of Blueface’s child, has shown her commitment to her on-again, off-again beau, Blueface, in a unique and artistic way. She recently shared a video on Instagram of what appears to be a tattoo of Blueface on her face. The video, set to Blue’s hit song “Pop It,” documents the process from the early stencil to the completed shaded portrait, which remarkably captures Blueface’s essence. It remains unclear whether the tattoo is permanent or temporary.

Key Takeaway

Chrisean Rock, the mother of Blueface’s child, has expressed her unwavering support for Blueface by getting a tattoo of his portrait on her face. This gesture comes amidst a period of reconciliation between the two, following public disputes and allegations. As Blueface remains imprisoned, Chrisean’s tattoo serves as a visible symbol of her commitment to their relationship.

Expressing Commitment

Chrisean’s caption for the video, “#freeblueface free my Daddy I love you papa,” reflects her unwavering support for Blueface, who is currently imprisoned for a probation violation. This tattoo is the latest in a series of steps Chrisean has taken to reconcile with Blueface. Just last week, she revealed that she had moved back into Blue’s house, signaling a significant development in their relationship.

Reconciliation Amidst Adversity

This reconciliation comes after a tumultuous period between the co-parents, marked by public disputes and allegations. In December, Rock claimed that Blueface had punched her in the face in his driveway, leading to a public exchange on social media. Despite their past conflicts, it appears that adversity has brought them closer together, with Chrisean showing unwavering support for Blueface during his time behind bars.

Hope for the Future

As Blueface awaits his release in July, Chrisean’s new tattoo serves as a visible symbol of her support and love for him. It remains to be seen how their relationship will evolve in the future, but for now, Chrisean’s gesture of getting Blueface’s portrait tattooed on her face is a clear demonstration of her commitment to their relationship.