Chrisean Rock’s Son Successfully Undergoes Hernia Surgery: Road To Recovery


Chrisean Rock, the mother of Blueface’s son, recently shared the news that her child has undergone a successful surgery to remove an inguinal hernia. This comes after Blueface publicly blamed Chrisean for not providing prompt medical attention to their son, even posting a controversial photo online. However, with the surgery now complete, Chrisean Jr. is on the road to recovery.

Key Takeaway

Chrisean Rock’s son has successfully undergone surgery to treat his hernia, putting an end to the recent turmoil between his parents.

Recovery and Relief

In a boomerang video posted by Chrisean, she can be seen holding her smiling son in his hospital bed. The relieved mother expressed that her child is recovering rapidly, providing some much-needed reassurance about his health.

The Controversy

Previously, Blueface had taken to social media to accuse Chrisean of neglecting their son’s medical needs. The rapper blamed her for the delay in seeking treatment for the inguinal hernia. In a highly criticized move, Blueface even posted a nude photo of their child to showcase the severity of the condition.

Despite the backlash faced by Chrisean, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, staunchly defended her son’s actions. She claimed that the controversy surrounding the baby’s medical condition offered a valuable learning opportunity for new parents facing similar issues.

A Turbulent Past Month

This recent incident follows a string of public controversies involving Chrisean. Not long ago, she faced criticism for allegedly holding her baby carelessly during a shopping trip to Walmart, which sparked outrage among internet users and Blueface’s family.

Support from Fellow Stars

In the midst of these challenging times, both Cardi B and Keke Palmer have publicly expressed their support for Chrisean. These acts of solidarity may provide some comfort and encouragement as she navigates the ups and downs of motherhood, especially now that her son’s surgery is behind them.

With the successful completion of Chrisean Jr.’s hernia surgery, it is hoped that the rocky chapter between Chrisean and Blueface will soon come to a close. The focus can now shift towards the healing process and creating a brighter future for their child.