Bronny James Makes Progress And Warms Up Before USC Game, LeBron James Gives Update On His Return


On Sunday night, Bronny James, son of NBA superstar LeBron James, warmed up with his USC teammates before their game, showing promising signs of progress on his road to recovery. This marked the young basketball player’s first legitimate pregame action with the team since he suffered a cardiac arrest during a workout in July.

Key Takeaway

Bronny James made significant progress in his recovery journey by warming up with his USC teammates before their game. LeBron James expressed his satisfaction with his son’s progress and hinted at an imminent return to the court. As fans eagerly await Bronny’s official comeback, the focus remains on his health and taking the necessary time for a safe and successful return to basketball.

Positive Signs of Recovery

Despite undergoing surgery to address a congenital heart defect just a few months ago, the 19-year-old displayed no signs of issues during his warm-up session. Fans filled the Galen Center to catch a glimpse of Bronny as he confidently took jump shots and practiced dribbling. It was an inspiring sight for everyone who has been following his journey and rooting for his successful return to the court.

LeBron James’ Encouraging Words

After the USC game, Bronny headed over to Arena to support his father, LeBron James, during a Lakers game against the Rockets. Following the Lakers’ 105-104 victory, LeBron expressed his pride in Bronny’s progress since his medical emergency.

“Today’s game was the first game he got an opportunity to warm up with his team,” LeBron shared with a smile. “He’s almost there.”

LeBron also mentioned that having Bronny courtside gave him an extra boost of motivation and excitement during the game. It’s clear that the bond between father and son extends both on and off the court.

Coach Enfield’s Optimism

Trojans head coach Andy Enfield echoed the sentiment of pride and optimism after seeing Bronny warm up before the USC game. Enfield described the experience as “great” and emphasized the importance of being patient and allowing the recovery process to unfold naturally.