Chrisean Rock Faces Criticism For Failing To Support Newborn’s Head, Blueface Lost For Words


Chrisean Rock, a new mother, finds herself under fire once again, this time for not properly supporting her newborn’s head, and, unsurprisingly, Blueface seems to be siding with her critics.

Key Takeaway

Chrisean Rock faces criticism for not properly supporting her newborn’s head while shopping at Walmart. Blueface, the co-parent, has chosen to remain silent on the matter, leaving fans wondering about his stance. The incident highlights the importance of proper child care and raises tensions in the co-parenting relationship.

Concerns over Neglecting Newborn

The outrage sparked after a video emerged on Thursday of Chrisean shopping at a Walmart, while allowing her baby’s head to fall back as they slept in a stroller. Many fans commented on the dangers of leaving a baby’s neck without proper support and accused Chrisean of being too distracted to properly care for her child while shopping and walking her dog inside the store.

Blueface’s Surprising Reaction

In response to the viral moment trending on the formerly known as Twitter app, Blueface assured users that he was just as shocked as they were. However, no further comments were made, leaving fans curious about his true stance on the matter.

Tensions in Co-Parenting Relationship