Blueface Roasted For Revealing Fiancée’s Homestyle Cooking


Rapper Blueface faced some heat on social media after proudly showing off his fiancée Jaidyn Alexis’ home-cooked meal. However, instead of receiving praise, the millionaire found himself being mocked by culinary critics for his choice of cuisine.

Key Takeaway

Blueface’s recent post showcasing his fiancée’s home-cooked meal ignited a storm of criticism from online food enthusiasts. The rapper was called out for his choice of ingredients and cooking methods, with some even drawing connections to his personal life. However, it is important to remember that taste is ultimately subjective, and what matters most is the love and effort put into a homemade meal.

A Taste of Controversy

Blueface shared a picture of himself enjoying a plate of homemade pasta topped with cheese singles, alongside a basic shredded salad. Little did he know that this seemingly simple meal would spark a wave of criticism.

Food enthusiasts and online foodies wasted no time in offering their unsolicited opinions, pointing out the culinary mishaps in Blueface’s dish. Some scoffed at the use of cheese singles, highlighting the need for a high-quality cheese that would enhance the overall flavor profile. Others criticized the choice of shredded salad, comparing it to undesirable substances like old pencil shavings.

Internet Roasting

Amidst the chatter, one person went as far as drawing a connection between Blueface’s cooking choices and his personal relationships, stating, “I see why he cheats,” alluding to the rapper’s tumultuous past with ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

Another unflattering comparison likened the meal to “prison food,” a term that may hit home for Blueface, who currently faces a 3-year probation for his involvement in a Vegas shooting incident.

Home Cooking Companion

Despite the online criticism, it is clear that Blueface is content with Jaidyn’s cooking efforts. While the dish may not have satisfied the discerning palates of some, it is evident that Jaidyn is making genuine attempts to please her fiancé in the kitchen.