New Development: Blueface Sentenced Up To 3 Years Probation For Vegas Strip Club Shooting


Blueface, the popular rapper, has been handed a significant probation sentence of up to 3 years for his involvement in a shooting at a strip club in Las Vegas. The sentencing includes an additional underlying sentence of 2-5 years imprisonment, meaning any violation of the probation terms could lead to several years of incarceration.

Key Takeaway

Blueface, the rapper, has received a probation sentence of up to 3 years for his involvement in a shooting at a Las Vegas strip club. The probation comes with an underlying sentence of 2-5 years imprisonment, emphasizing the consequences of any violation. The victim of the incident expressed frustration and disappointment in the judicial process, while Blueface’s professional and personal life may be at risk due to potential incarceration.

Shooting Incident and Legal Proceedings

The incident took place in October 2022, and Blueface was apprehended by Las Vegas authorities a month later. Initially charged with attempted murder, the rapper later pleaded guilty in July to lesser charges of battery and discharging a firearm at or into an occupied structure.

Kentavious Traylor, a victim who was grazed by one of the bullets, expressed his frustration with the judicial process, claiming that Blueface received preferential treatment due to his celebrity status. Traylor further highlighted the impact of the incident on his life, stating that it has hindered his employment prospects and made him harbor negative feelings towards Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis.

Potential Consequences

With the recent launch of his MILF Music label and the birth of his child with Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s career and personal life may face jeopardy if he is forced to spend a significant amount of time behind bars. The outcome of this sentencing could have profound implications on his future and the future of his newly established ventures.