Lil Baby Calls For An End To Trolling From Chrisean Rock Over Blueface Drama


Amidst the ongoing drama between Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and himself, Lil Baby has expressed his frustration and demanded an end to the trolling. In a series of posts, the rapper made it clear that he wants no part in the ongoing speculation and drama surrounding the situation.

Key Takeaway

Lil Baby is demanding an end to the ongoing trolling from Chrisean Rock over the Blueface drama. He clarified that their interaction was not sexual and expressed his frustration, calling for an immediate stop to the speculation and tagging on social media.

Clearing the Air and Setting Boundaries

Lil Baby took to social media to address the rumors and clarify his interactions with Chrisean Rock. He admitted that they had spoken at a party but emphasized that their conversation was not of a sexual nature, and it was never his intention to create any such impression.

The initial connection between Lil Baby and Chrisean Rock was made at the Super Bowl back in February. Since then, there has been endless speculation surrounding their relationship, with even Blueface taking a jab at Lil Baby in his latest single.

Putting an End to Trolling

Although Lil Baby is not a frequent user of social media, he made it a point to address the situation to both his fans and Chrisean Rock. He expressed his frustration and called for an immediate end to the ongoing trolling. Lil Baby made it clear that he does not want to be tagged or updated on any developments related to the Blueface and Chrisean Rock drama.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock had also been fueling the flames prior to Lil Baby’s response. Blueface gave a shoutout to Rock’s sister, prompting Chrisean to reciprocate by giving a shoutout to Lil Baby and posting a picture of them together, further intensifying the rumors.

The Last Laugh

In response to Lil Baby’s plea, it seems that Blueface is ending the back-and-forth with Chrisean Rock and is seemingly enjoying the last laugh, at least for now. It’s worth noting that Blueface himself has recently been sentenced for a 2022 shooting incident in Las Vegas.