Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend Ethan Slater Impresses Fans With Shirtless Skit


Ariana Grande’s boyfriend, Ethan Slater, has recently caught the attention of fans in a resurfaced video showcasing his muscular physique. The clip, dating back a few years, features Slater in a shirtless skit, revealing a chiseled and well-defined body. This unexpected display has sparked newfound admiration for Slater among Ariana’s supporters.

Key Takeaway

Ethan Slater’s shirtless appearance in a resurfaced skit has garnered newfound admiration from Ariana Grande’s fans, highlighting his physical appeal and strengthening his relationship with the singer.

The Shirtless Skit

The rediscovered footage, originally from 2017, portrays Slater engaging in a comedic wrestling match with his roommate over rent money. However, what has garnered significant interest is Slater’s impressive physical form, with defined abs, biceps, and pecs on full display. The video, previously circulating online, has now garnered widespread attention, drawing praise for Slater’s physique.

Ariana Grande’s Fans React

Supporters of Ariana Grande have expressed their newfound appreciation for Slater, acknowledging his physical attributes and understanding the singer’s attraction to him. The couple’s close bond developed during their time filming “Wicked,” coinciding with both of their divorces and the subsequent commencement of their relationship. Despite the initial skepticism surrounding the timeline of events, Slater’s recent display has solidified his appeal to many of Grande’s fans.

Implications for the Couple

Ariana and Ethan have been frequently seen together, opting for a more private lifestyle while occasionally making public appearances. The recent attention on Slater’s physique has only reinforced the sentiment among Grande’s fans that she is fortunate to have him in her life. The resurfaced shirtless footage has undoubtedly left a lasting impression, further cementing Slater’s standing in the eyes of many.