Ariana Grande’s Ex-Husband Dalton Gomez Makes Out With Maika Monroe At Concert


In a surprising turn of events, Ariana Grande’s former husband, Dalton Gomez, is making headlines yet again. This time, it’s for his steamy PDA session with actress Maika Monroe at a recent concert.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande’s ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, has moved on from their divorce and is now romantically involved with actress Maika Monroe. Their steamy PDA at a recent concert indicates a strong connection between the two. Meanwhile, Ariana has found love with her “Wicked” co-star, Ethan Slater.

A Public Display of Affection

During the Fred Again show at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Dalton Gomez and Maika Monroe were caught in a passionate makeout session. Witnesses who attended the concert confirm that the couple was continuously kissing and showing affection throughout the night.

This is not the first time Dalton and Maika have been spotted together. Last month, they were seen locking lips at Jumbo’s Clown Room, a popular “bikini bar” in Los Angeles, shortly after Dalton’s divorce from Ariana was finalized.

A New Spark Ignited

It’s evident that Dalton and Maika share a special connection, as their PDA-filled outings suggest. While Ariana has already moved on with her “Wicked” co-star, Ethan Slater, Dalton seems to be enjoying his newfound romance.

Ariana’s New Love Interest

Ariana Grande’s relationship with Ethan Slater has been making headlines as well. The two were recently spotted on a date night at Disney World, showcasing their blossoming romance. However, Dalton and Maika’s public displays of affection take their newfound love to a whole new level.

Not Letting Divorce Bring Him Down

Despite his recent divorce from Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez doesn’t appear to be dwelling on the past. With a generous settlement from Ariana and the sale of their Los Angeles mansion, Dalton has plenty to look forward to in his new relationship.