Ariana Grande And Dalton Gomez Settle Divorce With Prenup And Payout


Pop superstar Ariana Grande and real estate agent Dalton Gomez have reached a swift settlement in their divorce, just weeks after filing to end their marriage. Despite the existence of a prenuptial agreement, the resolution was amicable and fair for both parties involved.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have settled their divorce with an amicable agreement, including a lump sum payment, division of assets, and attorney’s fees coverage. The swift resolution showcases the expertise of Ariana’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, known for efficiently handling high-profile divorces.

Quick and Fair Resolution

The divorce settlement between Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez was finalized without much contention. As previously reported, Ariana issued a payment to Dalton as part of the settlement, amounting to $1,250,000, which he will receive tax-free. Unlike many other celebrity divorces, there will be no ongoing spousal support.

In addition to the lump sum payment, Dalton will also receive 50% of the net proceeds from the sale of their Los Angeles home. Furthermore, Ariana will cover up to $25,000 of Dalton’s attorney’s fees, demonstrating the couple’s commitment to ensuring a fair and equitable separation.

Speaking on the matter, a source close to the situation said, “There is still a strong mutual love and respect between Ariana and Dalton, and they wanted to make sure everything was done right in lockstep with one another.”

Efficiency and Expertise of Ariana’s Lawyer

The prompt resolution of this high-profile divorce can be attributed to Ariana’s lawyer, the renowned Laura Wasser. Known as a disso queen, Wasser has a track record of successfully settling even the most difficult and contentious divorces. Just recently, she facilitated the smooth settlement of the bitter divorce between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner.

With the settlement filed with the court, the only remaining step is for the judge’s signature, officially dissolving Ariana and Dalton’s marriage. Both Ariana and Dalton have moved on romantically, with Ariana currently dating her “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater, while Dalton has also begun a new relationship.


Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have swiftly and amicably settled their divorce, following the terms agreed upon in their prenuptial agreement. The settlement, overseen by Laura Wasser, ensures fairness and mutual respect between the former couple. With both parties looking towards the future, they are parting ways with no hard feelings, bringing their chapter together to a clean and finalized close.