Ariana Grande And Boyfriend Ethan Slater Enjoy Romantic Date Night At Disney World


Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are making their public debut as a couple, and what better place to do so than at the magical Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The pop superstar and her new beau were spotted hand in hand, enjoying a romantic evening at the iconic theme park.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater were seen together at Disney World, confirming their relationship. They enjoyed an intimate date night and seemed to be genuinely happy in each other’s company.

Despite their attempts to stay incognito with hats and hoodies, fans couldn’t help but recognize the famous pair as they made their way through the park. The lovebirds seemed relaxed and happy in each other’s company, surrounded by a group of friends that included Ariana’s mom and brother.

According to a close source, Ariana and Ethan are positively smitten with each other and have become an incredibly supportive presence in each other’s lives. All of Ariana’s friends have given their seal of approval to Ethan, further solidifying their bond.

Adding to the allure of their Disney experience, the couple was treated like VIPs. They had a private tour guide to escort them through the park, ensuring they could enjoy the attractions without the hassle of long lines.

Both Ariana and Ethan have had recent romantic entanglements. Ariana filed for divorce from her husband, Dalton Gomez, earlier this month, while Ethan went through a divorce with his high school sweetheart and wife of 5 years, Lilly Jay, in July.

While the exact reasons for their respective divorces remain private, the newfound happiness Ariana and Ethan have found in each other’s arms is undeniable. It seems that, despite the challenges they’ve faced in their personal lives, love has entered their worlds once again.

As fans eagerly follow their blossoming romance, the sighting at Disney World serves as a testament to the couple’s joy and affection. It looks like the pop princess and her Broadway star beau are off to a magical start.