Ariana Grande Supports Boyfriend Ethan Slater In Broadway’s ‘Spamalot’ Amidst Fan Frenzy


Ariana Grande made a special appearance on Broadway to cheer on her boyfriend, Ethan Slater, as he took on the roles of The Historian and Prince Herbert in the revival of “Spamalot.” This marked a significant moment for Grande as she encountered a multitude of fans, a rare experience for her in recent times.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande shows her unwavering support for her boyfriend, Ethan Slater, as she attends his performance in Broadway’s “Spamalot.” Fans eagerly await the opportunity to meet their idol, highlighting Grande’s enduring popularity.

The excitement was palpable outside the St. James Theater on Monday night, with Grande’s dedicated followers eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of their idol. After enjoying Ethan’s performance in the beloved Monty Python musical, Grande emerged from the show accompanied by a friend, clutching her Playbill and sporting a whimsical “Spamalot” paper crown.

It became evident that word had spread about Ariana’s Halloween attendance, as a throng of well-wishers gathered to greet the singer after the show. Many sought the opportunity to capture a photograph with the pop star. However, Ariana, concerned for everyone’s safety, opted to retreat to her vehicle.

Ethan Slater’s portrayal in “Spamalot” earned the praise of the audience. As the musical prepares for its official opening later this month, Grande and her companions were granted a sneak preview, joining the cast in celebrating the show’s debut. It is always a delight to witness the camaraderie among a theatrical ensemble.

Notably, Grande’s friend truly embraced the Halloween spirit by attending the performance dressed as Sir Galahad.

Sources close to Ariana reveal that she has been enjoying herself and socializing more frequently in recent times. It is evident that she feels safer and more comfortable in her new relationship with Slater, allowing her to embrace a sense of authenticity and freedom.

As previously reported, Ethan Slater recently made headlines for his divorce and custody proceedings with his estranged wife, Lilly Jay. When questioned about his relationship with Ariana, Slater remained tight-lipped, refusing to divulge any details at present.