Ariana Grande And Ethan Slater Take Their Relationship To The Next Level


Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater have taken a significant step in their relationship by deciding to live together. According to sources, the couple is now residing under the same roof in New York City, indicating a serious commitment to their relationship. Although they each maintain separate residences, they spend the majority of their time together.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater have chosen to live together in New York City, signifying a deepening commitment to their relationship and a desire to spend as much time together as possible, despite potential upcoming professional commitments.

Their Strong Connection

Reportedly, Ariana and Ethan share a strong bond and enjoy each other’s company, preferring to spend quality time together rather than frequenting high-end restaurants and other lavish venues. This decision to live together signifies a deepening of their relationship and a desire to be in each other’s presence as much as possible.

Future Commitments

While Ariana is set to return to England early next year to complete filming for “Wicked,” it remains uncertain whether Ethan will join her due to his ongoing commitment to Broadway, where he stars in “Spamalot.” Despite potential time apart, sources indicate that Ariana’s stay in England will be brief, and the couple plans to resume their shared living arrangement upon her return to New York City.

Continued Growth

This latest development underscores the seriousness of Ariana and Ethan’s relationship, which began several months ago during the production of “Wicked.” Since then, their romance has flourished, culminating in their decision to take this significant step forward together.