Ariana Grande Enjoys Date Night With Broadway Boyfriend Ethan Slater In NYC


Ariana Grande has been spotted on a romantic date night in New York City with her Broadway boyfriend, Ethan Slater. The couple, who will star together in the upcoming ‘Wicked’ movie adaptation, were seen enjoying each other’s company at the prestigious MO Lounge within the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater enjoyed a romantic date night at the MO Lounge in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in NYC. The couple, who will star together in the ‘Wicked’ movie, displayed their affection for each other throughout the evening.

According to eyewitnesses, Ariana and Ethan had a private table in the corner of the lounge, seemingly oblivious to anyone else around them. The couple was spotted being affectionate, with Ariana frequently whispering sweet-nothings into Ethan’s ear and exchanging kisses.

During their evening together, it appeared that Ariana was the more openly affectionate of the two. She would often leave her seat to join Ethan, ensuring they were side by side. It was clear that they were deeply engrossed in each other’s conversation, as they chatted for almost two hours.

Notably, this date night represents a marked difference in their level of public visibility compared to their previous outing at Disneyland. Back then, Ariana and Ethan seemed more discreet, but now that her divorce from Dalton Gomez has been finalized, they are becoming more comfortable with public displays of affection.

The divorce settlement between Ariana and Dalton was resolved recently without any major disputes, allowing both parties to move on. Dalton himself has been seen with actress Maika Monroe, indicating that everyone involved has turned the page and is embracing new relationships.