Ariana Grande And Estranged Husband Dalton Gomez Simultaneously File For Divorce


In surprising news, pop sensation Ariana Grande has officially filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Dalton Gomez. The couple’s simultaneous filings come shortly after Grande’s boyfriend and “Wicked” costar, Ethan Slater, also filed for divorce from his wife, Lilly Jay.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have officially filed for divorce, with their simultaneous filings coming after Ariana began dating Ethan Slater. The divorce proceedings seem to be progressing smoothly, with both parties handling the situation respectfully. Ethan Slater has also filed for divorce from his wife, Lilly Jay, and both are committed to co-parenting their child.

The Divorce Filings

Ariana’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, filed the divorce papers on her behalf, citing the common reason of “irreconcilable differences.” Dalton Gomez swiftly responded with his own filing, indicating that the process was well-coordinated between the two parties. It is reported that Ariana will provide a financial settlement to Dalton, and with their prenuptial agreement in place, the separation appears to be proceeding smoothly.

Although the date of separation was noted as February 20, 2023, it took some time for the couple to officially file for divorce. According to a source with direct knowledge, Ariana and Dalton took the necessary time to settle their affairs and ensure a respectful and caring approach throughout the process.

New Beginnings for Ariana and Ethan

The news of Ariana and Dalton’s divorce follows their earlier separation, when she began dating Ethan Slater while filming “Wicked” overseas. This development sent fans into a frenzy. Coincidentally, Ethan, who is also known for his Broadway performances, recently filed for divorce from his wife, Lilly Jay, whom he had been married to since 2018. The couple also shares a child together, having welcomed their little one last year.

Despite their personal challenges, sources close to Ethan and Lilly Jay have revealed that they are committed to co-parenting their child. Ethan desperately wants to maintain a strong parental relationship amid the divorce, and it seems that both parties have reached an amicable agreement.

Keeping Mum on the Divorce

Neither Ariana Grande nor Dalton Gomez have publicly commented on their divorce at this time. However, it appears that despite the end of their marriage, they have approached the situation with care and respect for one another.