Ariana Grande wasn’t feeling it with her Tiktok doppelganger

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande wasn’t feeling it with her Tiktok doppelganger 

If you have listened to beautiful songs like ‘7 rings’, the name Ariana Grande will come to your mind effortlessly. 

She is the voice behind the song and many other wonderful audios and music videos that have graced the American screen recently. A little while ago, a look-alike of this famous celebrity appeared on Tik-Tok (a popular video app). Ariana Grande‘s reaction to the 15-year-old doppelganger is worth talking about for fifteen or fewer minutes. 


Who is Arianna Grande?

Ariana Grande is an American singer, actress, and songwriter. Her fame could be traced to a role she played on Nickelodeon, where she was known as Cat Valentine. She is an American with Italian descent and sometimes she has answered that she is ‘Italian American.’ A claim that discards the rumor that she might be Spanish descent because she grew in Florida. 

One peculiar thing about Ariana Grande’s story is that she becomes a famous singer later but first by playing a role as an aspiring singer. No matter how great Ariana Grande net-worth has grown, we will remember the young Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s ‘Victorious’ which was aired not so many years ago.


Grande’s Rise to fame 

Ariana Grande started earlier in this journey. First, at eight she has taken a role as Annie in the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre.

At 13, she debuted in the Broadway musical named ’13’. For that, she was awarded the National Youth Theatre Association Award. 

Then she took a role in Nickelodeon’s ‘Victorious’ which seems like the beginning of her breakthrough. Her hair dyed and acting so passionately, the world begins to notice her. 

Her debut album took about three years to come out alive. When it did in the year 2013, it got to No 1 spot on the Billboard chart and more than 130 000 copies were sold. Americans were impressed with such a vocal range and what a soulful voice! 


Who is Paige Neiman? 

If there wasn’t Ariana Grande, it might be difficult to know Paige Neiman

Paige Neiman is Ariana’s doppelganger. Paige said she was first compared to the celebrity in her school when she was just 10. (She seems like the one who doesn’t ignore compliments.) Five years later, she has built a lot of followership on the famous app, Tiktok, for the striking resemblance with Grande. 

Is this good or bad? You can’t decide until you read about Grande’s reaction. 

If there is an award for being Ariana’s look-alike, Paige Neiman should earn it. Or to put honestly, she is earning it. She has close to 2 million followers on Tiktok. She has more than 140 000 followers on Instagram. She is currently an Instagram influencer in her own right. All this can be attributed to being a look-alike of a popular singer and attracting her followers to follow you. 

Paige Neiman says she is just about entertaining people (her followers, of course). She is using Arianna Grande style, thanks to having Ariana Grande’s face, and people like it. 

The Ariana Grande smile is just an epic similarity between Paige and Ariana. The two are alike in almost every physical way.

Paige’s Instagram photos and posts are imitations of Ariana Grande style, dressing, old songs, and TV roles.


How she got dressed and impersonate Ariana Grande

Paige said her mother helped during the first time she impersonates Ariana. Her mother handled the makeup and the Ariana Grande style effectively. After that first time, she began to do things herself. As she continued, she improved on the beauty tricks, and she began to attract more Ariana’s fans. 


How does Ariana Grande feel about her Doppelganger? 

Not everyone gets to see and know their doppelganger. So when Ariana Grande knew about Paige Neiman and her works, she did exactly as anyone would do. First, she was surprised or shocked. 

Paige Neiman has been doing her thing and one of her videos went viral and made it to twitter. It got people’s attention and it came to the notice of the real personality. The real Ariana Grande reacted by calling one of the viral videos ‘bizarre.’ 

To quote her comment entirely, she says “i just wonder whyyyy the cat voice/dialogue. [crying eomji] i am sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal !! but it’s definitely bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao.” 

This comment was appreciated by Neiman. She says Ariana Grande’s style has been an inspiration, her way of life is worth emulating. 


Ariana’s other comment

Sadly, it later turns out that Ariana Grande isn’t that impressed with the whole imitation and look-alike making videos of her works.

Months later, JT Firstman posted a video criticizing people who make a meme out of works that artists poured their heart and soul into. Ariana Grande shared the video and followed it with her own comment. 

It was reported that she commnted this

“Omg can this please also double as your impression of the ponytail TikTok girls who think doing that Cat Valentine voice and that wearing winged eyeliner and a sweatshirt is doing a good impersonation of me.” 

“Cause this really how it feels…Degrading its entire value’ I screamed.”

If Firstman thinks it’s a bad idea to make a meme out of what artists sweat and love doing, Grande thinks it’s uncool to impersonate her. It’s all the same feeling, to degrade the value of her work. 

Ariana Grande deleted the post as soon as she could, but it has already made its way to the other end, Paige Neiman’s attention.


Nieman’s reply to the shade 

Although Ariana Grande deleted that post, Paige Neiman has something to say. 

She gave her response through Instagram live, saying “I’m used to Ariana shading me. Kind of why I’m not a fan of her anymore, honestly.” 

She has found fame by impersonating her role model and inspiration. But she would not keep ignoring when the idol throws shades at her. She would hit back and so she did.

Ariana Grande isn’t the only celebrity that has a look-alike. But Paige’s can be mistaken as Ariana Grande’s face with so many similarities. In fact, they are both Italian America.