10 Couple Gaming Setups for You and Your S.O.

Couple gaming setup with purple lighting.

Couple gaming setups are certainly not a new trend. Lately, however, more people have been getting into the design side of things. From putting together a theme using creative lighting to incorporating other hobbies into the space, the only limit is your (and your partner’s) imagination! 

If you prefer game night over candlelit dinners or romantic movies, read on and get inspired by some of the best couple gaming setup ideas to make things extra special. And if you are currently riding solo, you can also check out our list of the best gaming setup ideas for every type of gamer!

Must Haves for Gaming Setups 

What are the must-haves in a gaming setup? Aside from having a good gaming PC build that you can assemble with your partner, there are a few other awesome gaming accessories you should invest in. For example, an ergonomic gaming chair will help ensure that you’ll stay comfortable even after hours of gaming or working. A nice gaming monitor or two is also essential for any dream gamer bedroom.

You should also pay attention to the smaller things such as your gaming mouse and mouse pad. These will help make gaming smoother and easier on your wrists. Good speakers or the right gaming headset will also help each gameplay be more immersive, so consider investing in these as well. 

Gaming station for couples with a wall-mounted LED screen.
Image from Reddit u/H3M_Smite

Another key element in putting together cool bedrooms for gamers would be a good gaming desk. You’ll want one that has ample space, fits well in the area and is sturdy enough to hold your PC without wobbling. Remember, the best gaming desks need not be expensive, but they do have to be sturdy. If you want to play side by side with your partner, consider an L-shaped desk setup so both of you can have enough space for your stuff. 

What is the average cost of a gaming setup? Couples’ gaming setups may cost anywhere from $500 upwards. This number doesn’t include the price of couples’ PC gaming setups, though, so expect at least double the amount if you add it up.

10 Epic Couple Gaming Setups 

What makes couple gaming setups truly epic? Is it the cost of the items or is it how thoughtfully everything has been put together? For couples who enjoy gaming together, it’s a balance of both. Here are some examples that might inspire your own gaming station design.


His and Hers Gaming Setup

Aesthetic White Couple Gaming Setup with Purple RGB Lights
Image from Twitter @killersetups

Color can play a significant role when it comes to gamer room décor. Even if you leave your area minimal and free of peripherals, lights can easily give life to the space. In this example, the white color scheme of their couple game room is nicely balanced with the pop of color from the lights.

RGB lights such as this Govee Smart LED strip lights gives you the option to switch things up. You can easily choose whichever color you’re in the mood for because it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can sync it with your other devices. It’s a great choice couple gaming setups that are simple yet still fun. 


Small Couples Gaming Room 

Colorful couple’s gaming setup featuring small potted plants.
Image from Reddit u/mjustapublixsink

In this next example, the couple who put together this gaming setup decided to trade in their dining room to have more space to play. If you want to cop this for your station, this XAOMLP wooden pegboard is a great start. Use it to hold your headphones or other gaming accessories. It can also be used as a makeshift rack where you can keep your plants and other gamer room décor.

For example, the bits of greenery on the left side provide a good contrast to the sparse design of the right side. Nonetheless, everything looks aesthetically pleasing and well-put-together. With proper cable management, the right amount of wall art, and an appropriately-sized gaming monitor, you can pull this off as well. If you’re looking for small bedroom ideas, take cues from this setup. 


Simple Couples Battlestations Idea

Couple’s gaming room that features a wide window and a view of the nature outside.
Image from Reddit u/OtakuPasta

Couple gaming setups need not be solely devoted to a single purpose. Our next example features a multitasking space that can be used for gaming as well as a home office. To make this work, though, you’ll need a good gaming desk for your couples’ PC setup.

There are many to choose from, but if an Ikea gaming desk isn’t quite your style, we suggest this Coleshome 31-inch computer desk as a budget-friendly option. If you want to splurge on a table that has all the bells and whistles needed for gaming, this Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk is highly recommended.

Looking for a new gaming laptop to add to your arsenal? Here are some of the best gaming laptops under 500 that you can find.


Aesthetic Gaming Setup for Couples

Gaming room with L-shaped desks going around its periphery.
Image from Reddit u/flux92

If you prefer a white gaming setup or a color scheme that’s a bit more subdued, this next example might be the one for you. The highlight of this space would be the curved desk that takes up most of the room’s perimeter. It provides ample room for different gaming accessories, while also offering just enough distance to accommodate dual gaming setups.

You can also mimic this look for a modern gaming bedroom setup, just choose a table that would fit within the available space. This Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped desk is great for small areas, but you have the option of placing two of these side by side for larger rooms. Consider this design for unique home office ideas as well! 


Maximizing Gaming Setups in Small Rooms

Small gaming room with shelves of collectibles in the background.
Image from Reddit u/Quakezen

When it comes to couple gaming setups, don’t be fooled into thinking you need a large space to make it work. Our two person gaming setup managed to make full use of the space, while keeping things from feeling cramped. The secret? Tall shelves.

Finding the right shelving is key, especially for small gaming room ideas. Opting for tall shelves maximizes the vertical space in your room so you don’t have to worry about it eating up floor space instead. The Tribedesigns 5-shelf corner bookshelf and the NUMENN 5-tier bookshelf are our top picks. This space may not be as big as other epic gaming setups, but if you’re looking for easy stream room ideas that will look good, this is your best bet.

For smaller spaces where custom PC builds won’t fit, give one of the many high-performing gaming laptops instead.


Black and White Gaming Station Designs

A couple’s gaming station with black and white desks, and Transformers decor.
Image from Reddit u/nfslmao

One of the fun things about designing gaming setups for couples is that you can make them into any theme you like. You could take inspiration from the games you both like to play or perhaps your favorite movies, such as Star Wars. Many cool gaming setups have been influenced by the owner’s hobbies and interests.

In this next example, the couple chose to take inspiration from the Transformers. They based their color scheme on the Decepticons and the Autobots, creating a fun gaming room setup. Bring the same level of playfulness into your couple’s computer setup with this Optimus Prime table night light and this vintage Transformers wall art.


Immersive Couple Gaming Setup

An attic double gaming station with multiple monitors.
Image from Reddit u/merzul

A good gaming monitor can make or break your gaming experience, especially if you’re putting together a gaming setup in a small room. You would want one that’s just the right size that will provide you with a truly immersive experience. Here’s what you can do to mimic this space.

This SideTrack swivel attachable portable monitor for laptops will help you give a wider view of your game. You can also add this mounted Portable touchscreen monitor as an additional screen. The kickstand even comes with its own ambient lighting, which has ten different modes so you can choose according to your mood! Sweeten this deal further by getting a set of matching couple gaming chairs so that everything looks uniform and symmetrical.


Add Natural Elements to Your Couple Gaming Station

Tabletops and drawers used to build a wide gaming desk.
Image from Pinterest (Lekaliri)

Just because it’s a gaming station, it doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate natural elements. If you want a more subtle approach, we suggest selecting a nice wood finish for your gaming desk. Why not take it up a notch and add a wooden touch your backdrop as well? In this example, the original poster made use of two wooden table tops to achieve this design. You can cop this style for your space by using these VIVO light wood table tops and these IKEA drawer units to support the tabletops.

The great thing about these table tops for use as gaming desks is that they are sturdy and affordable. There are also different finishes available so you can choose one that would best suit your gaming room’s theme. If you want a longer desk to cover the length of your room, you can connect two or more tables tops as needed.


Aesthetic Bedroom Gaming Room

Living room gaming station with panoramic windows and a view of the city.
Image from Reddit u/mashlol

Lucky are those who have more space to devote to their hobbies. If you’re looking for cool gaming setup ideas that are perfect for a couple gaming together, give this one a try. It shows that you can always transform your living space to reflect your hobbies, while keeping things tasteful.

The idea is to designate a spot for each activity. This way, you can maximize the available space while also having access to everything you need to stay entertained. We highly recommend this Best Choice products linen upholstered convertible sofa for multi-use entertainment spaces.


Clean and Green Gaming Setup

Black and white couple gaming station with faux plant decoration.
Image from Reddit u/hecouldbemarty

Who says nature and technology can’t mix? Did you know that having real plants can remove radiation in your home office and gaming area? Keep this in mind if you want to create fresh and cozy couple gaming setups. Even using faux plants, such as the ones in our example, can lift the heaviness of having too much tech in one space.

But if you’re wary of having real plants near your expensive PC setup, green art will do the trick. This Haus and Hues botanical plant wall art already comes with a set of four, which is perfect for creating a relaxing backdrop behind your gaming desk


Best Video Games for Couples for Co-op Fun  

These days, there are many MMORPG games that can be played by people around the globe as a team. However, if you’re looking to level up as a twosome and game as a pair, here are our recommendations for the best games you can play.

  • It Takes Two.  This award-winning game features a couple, Cody and May, who were turned into dolls through magic. They are trapped in a strange world where they have to work together to save their frayed relationship. 
  • Overcooked. This cooking game is pure chaos, but the real fun of it is the fact that it has an excellent multi-player option. You can play with your partner or invite two other friends for a fun game night!
  • World of Warcraft. A classic among gaming circles and that’s because it never gets old no matter how many times you play it. There’s lots of new content, including adventures for couples who prefer fantasy games.
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. This puzzle game can be enjoyed in pairs or as a team. The goal? Defuse the bomb, while the other player talks their partner through what they can see from their end. 
  • Lego: The Lord of the Rings. With Rings of Power set to air soon, we’re sure many will get a kick out of this game. It is perfect for all ages and has plenty of fun for couples who are fond of the Tolkien books. 
  • We Were Here. In this game, you and your partner would be separated and would have to find your way to each other while solving puzzles along the way. 
  • Outward. This survival RPG features an expansive open-world map, which couples can explore in between battles and foraging for the right items to survive until the end.

Two-Player Games are Best Enjoyed in Couple Gaming Setups

Having a comfortable place where you and your partner can game in can actually help boost your relationship. Remember, couple gaming setups need not be expensive or designed professionally. In fact, it’s more fun if you work on the project together. Like building a gaming PC together, putting together a room, and keeping all of the things you love in it sounds plenty romantic, doesn’t it? We hope these game room ideas help you with jumpstarting your own!