29 Best Gaming Setup Ideas for Every Type of Gamer

Basic gaming setup.

Tired of your usual gaming setup? With the sheer number of pc games available these days, sticking to your old ways may not always cut it. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy smoother and more immersive gameplay? Give yourself a treat and make your hobby all the more enjoyable by introducing new gaming accessories to your setup. From switching to a more ergonomic gaming chair to a better gaming monitor, here are some gaming setup ideas you might want to consider.


29 Best Gaming Setup Ideas


1. Clean and Crisp

Gaming setup featuring movie memorabilia.
Photo by Jonas-Fabry on Reddit

Reddit user Jonas-Fabry certainly has an eye for clean lines. We definitely admire his cable management skills as well, considering how neatly tucked away everything is. While this gaming setup might seem simple to some, the lack of unnecessary accessories and décor lends a modern feel to this space.

You can recreate the look by choosing a minimalist Smart TV like the LG OLED C1 SERIES. It has a gaming mode and a built-in Alexa for added convenience. If you want to give your gaming room a bit more character, why not incorporate some of your other hobbies into the décor? This replica of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor can function as a lamp while adding visual interest to your gaming setup desk.


2. Galaxy Inspired

Galaxy Inspired Gaming Setup
Photo by Excurze1 on Reddit

In this next design by Reddit user Excurze1, we see how lighting can easily change the look and feel of any space. You can recreate their creative use of color and light by using the Rosetta Galaxy Projector and the Govee 65.6FT RGBIC LED strip lights. This is a simple yet effective way of elevating your gaming setup.

While some extra cable management is in order to really keep things looking tight, the lack of distracting details when it comes to the peripherals make up for that.


3. Multiplayer Gaming

Gaming setup for couples.
Photo by Littleaimeekins on Reddit

Are you the type of gamer who prefers gaming with friends or family? This next setup from Reddit user Littleaimeekins shows us how you can integrate two different styles together. There’s a clear distinction between the two sides, while also staying cohesive when it comes to design. The key to that? Their efficient use of a u-shaped table.

Depending on your budget, you can have a DIY table or have one customized to fit your space. Modular furniture such as the Bestier Modern L-shaped desk can be arranged to achieve the same look.


4. Keeping it Fresh

Gaming setup featuring faux plants and RGB lights.
Photo by Automatic-Section-34 on Reddit

When it comes to this custom gaming setup from Reddit user Automatic-Section-34, the tones of minty green against a mostly white backdrop creates a clean and fresh look. The pops of red provide just enough contrast, keeping it from becoming too monotonous and dull. We also enjoy their use of faux plants, which lends a natural feeling to an otherwise heavily tech-inspired design.

Some of our favorite details, that you can also easily replicate, include their use of a vertical frameless monitor such as the ASUS VA27EHE. Not only does it add visual interest to the usual desk setup, there are also plenty of games and apps that would look great in this style. This monitor also comes with an Eye Care feature, perfect for avid gamer girls and boys.


5. Bright White

All-white gaming setup.
Photo by Huezyx 1 on Reddit

Too much white light can make gameplay a bit painful on the eyes, but we think this next gaming setup has found the right balance to make it work just right. Because their gaming space is also quite limited, it was a smart choice to keep their gaming desk free from clutter. Even the transparent PC build keeps things from appearing too blocky.

Key things to note are their use of smaller Logitech Z5333 speakers, which were custom wrapped in white to match everything else, as well as their Anne Pro 2 White keyboard. If you’re in the market for some of the best gaming setup accessories, these are both great options to look into.


6. Pastel and Pretty

Pastel anime gaming setup.
Photo by LittleCloudie on Reddit

This next gaming setup is perfect for the gamer girl who isn’t afraid to express her girly side. If you collect game-related merch or if you have anime figures that are gathering dust in storage, why not use these to decorate your gaming room instead? Pink may not be for everyone, but it can be exchanged for other pastel colors to create that traditionally “kawaii” look.

Some of our favorite details include the cat ears headset, which is similar to this SOMIC G951s gaming headset. It has detachable ears so you can convert it to plain headphones as needed. Remember, stick to one dominant color when designing your space to keep it easy on the eyes.


7. Hygge Inspired

Hygge-inspired gaming desk setup.
Photo by Melalise on Reddit

What is hygge? It is a lifestyle that emphasizes coziness and cultivating serenity in one’s space. This is often done through the use of color and furnishings that create an inviting space. This next gaming setup from Reddit user Melalise captures the essence of this lifestyle very well.

From her use of earthy-tones such as cream and browns, to introducing plants and natural materials to her desk. We certainly appreciate the cork keyboard mat, which is similar to this Aothia office desk pad, that comes with a leather and cork side. Some might think these are unorthodox for gaming setups, but it is perfect for the gamer who appreciates the slow life.


8. Ice Cave Gaming

Ice cave inspired gaming setup.
Photo by AttICUs001 on Reddit

Getting into some really imaginative gaming setups, this next design takes the idea of “immersive gameplay” to another level. This design from Reddit user AttICUs001 mimics the appearance of an ice cave with the use of fiber material and some well-placed lighting. Depending on which color palette the light takes on, the space can switch from looking chilly to something straight out of a crystal cave.

While this does pose challenges when it comes to maintenance, no one can deny that it looks really cool. You can reproduce a similar style in your space using the PROLOSO Handmade Cloud Light, which already comes with lights and can be controlled through a remote.


9. Ghibli Fantasy

Gaming Setup inspired by Ghibli and anime.
Photo by Shynaya on Reddit

Not everyone is a fan of having a thoroughly modern-looking design for their gaming setup. Some opt for something comfortable, with many personal items placed throughout. In this example, everything from the peripherals on their gaming desk to the decor reflects their personality and hobbies.

What really brings this theme together are the wooden furnishings, which lend a warm and vintage feeling to the space. Our suggestion? The IRONCK Industrial Computer Desk, which has ample space for multiple monitors. The desk area is also spacious enough to house all of your collectibles!


10. Tropical Vibes

Gaming setup with neon lights and an artificial green wall.
Photo by SoulStone1986 on Reddit

Our next example is a wonderful marriage of two different styles: neon and tropical. The neon accents perfectly complement the highlight of this space, which is the artificial green wall. Putting multiple artificial plant squares together might feel like a daunting task, both work and budget-wise, but there are easier options you can try to achieve the effect.

We recommend looking for a high-quality wallpaper, such as this tropical wallpaper from NuWallpaper. Using peel and stick wallpaper will also make it easier for you to switch up designs if you ever get tired of it.


11. Minimalist Gaming

Minimalist gaming setup.
Screenshot from Julian Bright on YouTube

Not everyone has access to a separate gaming room. In fact, most people are bound to carving out a space in their rooms or living rooms to create their own gaming space. In this example from YouTuber Julian Bright, we are shown a way of blending rest and play seamlessly.

What do we love most? Aside from the spacious 98” IKEA Karlby Countertop, his use of the extra-wide gaming monitor really helps with keeping things from feeling cramped. This 29-inch LG 29WN600-W is great for both gaming and staying efficient when it comes to other tasks.


12. Neon Playground

Neon gaming setup with colorful RGB.
Screenshot from Maccagames on YouTube

There is much to love about game creator Maccagames’ maximalist playground. Just one look at the colorful space will instantly excite any avid gamer. He’s got all the bells and whistles anyone could want in a man cave, on top of his excellent gaming PC setup.

When it comes to his gaming setup, aside from his widescreen curved gaming monitor it’s the RGBs that bring everything together. With the number of options available, you can get really creative with lighting. This Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smart Kit really brings any room to life.


13. Elevated Simplicity

Blue and white themed gaming setup.
Photo by FluxGamess on Twitter

Digital creator FluxGamess is quite well-known for his gaming computer builds, particularly his water CPU cooler design that’s garnered over a thousand likes on his Instagram account. Whether you’re into Amd Ryzen or GeForce RTX, you’re sure to find his PC builds amazing.  His minimalist design style also lends itself well into the decor, and his gaming area certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Though a lot simpler compared to the others we have seen so far, his white and blue gaming setup looks totally clean. We also have to commend his cable management, which you can also achieve by using something like the Cord Cover Raceway Kit. This set is also paintable and will adjust to any color scheme.


14. Industrial Design

Aesthetic Industrial gaming setup.
Screenshot from Andres Vidoza on YouTube

There are many different ways to add personality to your full gaming setup while keeping this minimal. In this example from Andres Vidoza, he kept the decor quite simple and focused more on curating custom gaming accessories and sticking to an industrial color scheme. This keeps the space looking neat, but not lacking in aesthetic appeal.

Among our favorite out of his customs? The Karlby desk that can be raised or lowered according to need. The Smart Desk featured in the video can cost you over $600, but the SHW 55-inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk will serve the same purpose for half the price.


15. Pro Racing Simulator Setup

Gaming setup with ultra-wide screens.
Screenshot from Karl Conrad on YouTube

While we can’t all be F1 drivers, there are ways of creating a PC gaming setup that would closely mimic some of the experience. This next example is from YouTuber Karl Conrad with tips from professional F1 Scuderia Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc. If a pro gave this setup his approval, we’re sure there are many things you can learn from it too.

Aside from getting a large screen such as the LG 34WN80C-B Ultrawide Monitor, one thing that can’t be compromised is the quality of your racing wheel. If you’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars on it, the Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel and Floor Pedals is a great option. Not only does it provide “real force feedback” it’s comparative for XBOX X|S, XBOX One, and PC gaming.


16. Small Space Setup

A small-space gaming setup with blue and white lighting.
Screenshot from ScorpioTech on YouTube

Are you working with a small space? You can still fit all the essentials and few other personal peripherals if you get creative with your gaming setup ideas. Given the compact space, storage is very important. YouTuber ScorpioTech got creative with his by choosing shelving that also doubles as displays for his accessories such as his gaming keyboard,  gaming mouse, and gaming consoles.

We suggest opting for a customizable peg board such as this Wall Control 30-P-323GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard. If you’re looking for the best gaming setups for beginners, consider this design and the storage ideas it presents.


17. Medieval Fantasy

PC setup designed to look like a medieval house.
Screenshot from NerdForge on YouTube

Some might say that a great gaming setup starts with the right gaming computer. We can’t help but agree considering how imaginative this next example from YouTube channel NerdForge is. For fans of fantasy PC games, this medieval-inspired pre-built PC might be something you might want to DIY.

Of course, no PC build would be complete without great gaming specs. We recommend the ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 or the Gigabyte GV-N1030OC-2GI Nvidia GeForce GT 1030. While building a PC from scratch seems daunting, it’s a challenge that is fun to take on.


18. Van Life Gaming

Gaming setup inside an RV.
Screenshot from TTTHEFINEPRINTTT on YouTube

Many people think that enjoying the van life means downsizing the gaming PCs they own. For gaming this means opting for gaming laptops such as the Lenovo Legion or a popular Alienware gaming laptop. However, this isn’t always the case. You can have a well-designed gaming setup, even in very limited space.

YouTuber TTTHEFINEPRINTTT proves this fact. Taking cues from his power supply setup, why not consider using solar power for your gaming room? This Renogy 2-pc 100 Watt Solar Panels is a great choice even for beginners.


19. Loft Bed Gaming Setup

Gaming setup under a loft bed.
Screenshot from DIY Tatay Dan on YouTube

Here’s another great gaming setup idea for folks who only have a little bit of extra space available: loft beds. In this build by YouTuber DIY Tatay Dan, we get to see how a compact space can be turned into a really visually-appealing and efficient gaming area with just a few creative ideas. It may not be the biggest gaming setup in the world, but it certainly is impressive.

The best bit is to purchase pre-built loft beds that only require minimal assembly. This Dorel Living Moon Bay Loft Bed offers ample space and a minimalist design that will fit any theme.


20. Zen Gaming

Zen gaming room with Shoji screens.
Screenshot from ergojosh on YouTube

Creativity, technology, functionality, and harmony. These are the main focus of our next workspace/gaming setup from YouTuber ergojosh. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like the generic gaming room, that can also switch to being an efficient workspace, this might be the design for you.

The design is inspired by traditional Japanese rooms; it is very Zen and incorporates many natural materials. Wood lends the space warmth, while the Shoji screens add an Oriental appeal. You can find affordable ones online, such as these Square Furniture Shoji Screen Dividers. They are a creative way separating your gaming area from the rest of your home, while adding aesthetic value.


21. Cream and Beige Aesthetic

White and beige themed gaming setup.
Screenshot from MakeupxMia on YouTube

These are many different types of aesthetics these days and one of the most popular is the cream and beige style. Inspired by the coziness of cafes, this simple color palette also lends itself beautifully to any modern gaming setup. If you’re not a fan of colorful RGB lights and in need of something that’s calming, take cues from this example by YouTuber MakeupxMia.

We recommend this AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand. Since it’s transparent, it doesn’t add any visual clutter to your desk. Her Cinnamoroll gaming chair might not be for everyone, so this Dowinx Gaming Chair in beige fits the color scheme well.


22. Cottagecore Inspired

Cottagecore-inspired gaming setup.
Screenshot from Nashita Noorayn on YouTube

On social media, cottagecore is a very popular aesthetic. While it is mostly seen in fashion, it can also be applied to interior design and to any gaming setup. This next example from YouTuber Nashita Noorayn might just be one of the best gaming setups under 500 as well. She makes use of simple and functional decor pieces to pull everything together.

Let’s start with this FITUEYES wooden laptop stand to offset all metal and plastic that gaming accessories usually have. This UBOTIE Colorful Computer Wireless Keyboard and Mouse will add a pop of green to your desk, which is a refreshing break from all the neons.


23. All White Gamer Girl Gaming Setup

All-white gaming setup with colorful RGB strip lights.
Screenshot from astronuggie on YouTube

Gamer girls are a diverse subculture, with each one bringing their own perspective into it. While most associate them with kawaii or punk fashion, you might be surprised at how truly unique and different each of them can be. Just take this all-white gaming setup from YouTuber astronuggie.

Her design is functional and modern, but not lacking in personality. One of our favorite elements is the 3D wall panel, which is similar to the Art3d A1031. Plain white walls can get boring easily so adding some texture, along with creative lighting, creates a bit more visual interest.


24. Anime Inspired Gaming Room

Pastel-themed gaming setup with anime decor.
Screenshot from Lavenderdream on YouTube

Pastel with a splash of anime, this next gaming setup is a dream for lovers of all things cutesy. YouTuber lavenderdream has plenty of interesting peripherals you can incorporate into your own space as well. Even though there’s a lot to see in this space, the neutral color scheme and smart storage solutions keep it from looking chaotic.

It may not provide surround sound, but this Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Bluetooth Speaker will add interest to your gaming desk. To keep your space uncluttered and to hold any small items, give these STORi Audrey Stackable Organizers a try as well.


25. Keep it Kawaii

Simple gaming setup with plushies as decoration.
Screenshot from froggycrossing on YouTube

So far, we have seen some really great examples of kawaii or pastel-inspired gaming setups. This next one from froggycrossing also incorporates a lot of great storage and display ideas that you can mimic in your own setup. You can start with this SOLEJAZZ Rolling Cart that you can move around your room with ease. It is big enough to hold gaming accessories such as your gaming headset, an extra mouse, or even your Nintendo Switch when it isn’t in use.

If you want to display polaroids or art prints along with your other collectibles, give this C&A HOME Construction Modular Organizer. You can clip polaroids to the grids, while the storage cubes can display your plushies and other items.


26. Combining Gaming and Cinema

Gaming and cinema room with added acoustic panels.
Screenshot from UAVisuals on YouTube

What’s your dream man cave like? Our next gaming setup from UAVISUALS mixes cinema with gaming to create a truly impressive space. They made use of industrial elements without the hefty price tag attached. One of our favorites is their creative use of these OROPY Industrial Toilet Paper Holders to hold various gaming accessories.

Many gaming setup ideas make use of unusual objects for more practical purposes. It’s all about using your imagination to see what it could be repurposed into. Lastly, no cinema room would be complete without the right acoustic panels. This Dekiru 12-Pack Set is a stylish option that will fit any space.


27. Creative Ceiling Light

Gaming studio with night-sky inspired ceiling lights.
Screenshot from Nickmercs on YouTube

Using RGB strips to create ambient backlighting is a fairly common design element for many gaming setups. These are a treat for the eyes and can really change up the feel of any space. However, have you ever thought about installing ceiling lights instead? This example from YouTuber Nickmercs will leave you starry-eyed.

Not all of us have the budget for a major room overhaul, but there are affordable options you can use as well. This USB Star Light gives a similar effect at a fraction of the cost. Another highlight of his gaming setup? The custom NZXT PC gaming setup that’s powered by Nvidia GeForce RTX. We think it’s the room’s real centerpiece.


28. 1.4m Small Room Gaming Setup

1.4m small gaming room with figurine and merch display shelves.
Screenshot from DIY Tatay Dan on YouTube

Can you really build a full gaming setup with just 1.4m of space? This next project from DIY Tatay Dan shows how we can achieve this even with very limited space. As with his previous example, he starts off by creating a lofted area that maximizes overhead space. Using overhead shelving, ambient lighting, and a smart color scheme, he is able to fit in a lot without making the space appear cramped.

Using the NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount, he is able to install two full-sized gaming monitors without eating up too much desk space. These Cadrim Puck Lights were used to light the shelf displays and add even more color to the space. They can also be used under your desk to add visual interest.


29. Tokyo-Inspired Neon Gaming Setup

Gaming room setup with dark walls and warm LED lights.
Screenshot from White in Revery on YouTube

When we think of Tokyo, the city’s bright neons often come to mind. Now imagine if you can encapsulate that look into your gaming room. In this example from YouTuber White in Revery, which he built from scratch, we see how choosing the right lighting and color scheme can pull together a sleek and functional space.

Since this room functions as a studio, soundproofing is important. If you’re a gamer who enjoys surround sound, consider adding this as well. They used what is known as a “Quiet Wall” like this Soundsulate 1lb Mass Loaded Vinyl. Acoustic panels, which are more affordable, will serve the same purpose too.


You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot to Achieve Your Dream Gaming Setup!

In putting together a gaming setup that’s truly your own, it has to meet your needs and preferences. Don’t spend too much money on peripherals. Instead, put that toward building the best gaming PC for yourself. With just a bit of creativity, you can create an immersive and unique setup that reflects your personality and gaming style. From choosing the right lighting and other gaming accessories, we hope this article provides you with great ideas to start with!

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