Unique Home Office Ideas to Spruce Up Your Work Space

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Home office ideas can help you stay motivated, inspired, and productive in your work zone. They can enhance your working space’s overall look and most importantly, improve its function.

Without a doubt, engaging in a work from home set-up can help save time from commuting and getting ready for work. Working remotely can also help you save money from spending on daily expenses such as gas or food. However, this set-up could also easily get you distracted or unmotivated. Fortunately, having a home office can help keep you away from possible interruptions and help boost your productivity. Having a designated space just for work could help you separate your personal time from the working hours you need to spend staying focused on your tasks.

On another note, among the best parts of having a home office is the opportunity to shape and plan a workspace design that fits your preferences and needs. With your own office space, you can freely paint walls with whatever color you want or organize items according to your liking. Maintaining your space tidy and pleasant is also a breeze since you get to call the shots on every aspect related to your home office setup.

Whether you wish to renovate or set up your own office at home, here are some tips and tricks that can help you spruce up your workspace in no time:


Home Office Design Ideas

Add Some Greens

indoor plants for home office ideas
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A home office can easily carry a hectic atmosphere. With piles of paperwork to do and tasks to accomplish, it can be hard to avoid feeling stressed in your office. However, there are many ways to help you feel more at home and relaxed as you work. For one, bringing the outdoors’ soothing views inside your home office can greatly help.

Placing indoor plants in your work area is a great way to vamp up the place. One of the best desk ideas to improve your mood as you work is by placing a flower vase within your eyesight. While plants serve as great desk décor, their brightly colored flowers can also invigorate you while their green leaves can calm you down. Moreover, they breathe life into your office by providing fresh, clean air to help you feel more at ease. Indeed, adding some plants makes a huge difference in improving the overall design and look of any room—especially your home office.


Make a Collage Wall

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Creating a collage wall is one of the home office decorating ideas that can instantly improve your work space’s aesthetics. Not to mention, this is also a relatively cheaper method to design your office. To make a collage wall, you can simply try attaching magazine pages or old pictures on your walls. If you have the budget, forming a small gallery could also work by putting up framed pieces of art in a collage-like fashion. Aside from making your home office look great, this method can also help you feel a sense of goal manifestation and attainment by opting for wall arts with inspirational quotes.


Try Industrial

industrial home office ideas
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While your current home office may already look great, you can always try to improve it and spice things up now and then. Just like with any other room in your house, having a home office that looks pleasing and cozy could make you feel more inclined to stay in it. Additionally, doing so will also help you feel more motivated and inspired as you get your tasks done. 

If you are running out of design options, why not try going rustic? Lots of industrial home office ideas can easily transform your average work area into an exciting and fresh-looking space. Opting for aluminum chairs, desks, or decorations could help give your office a more industrial look. Moreover, having an exposed brick wall could tie the whole industrial design together. You can also try going for metal-made light fixtures or matte decors to give your home office a rustic touch. With this room design, you can easily acquire a work environment that feels more relaxing and exciting.


Create An Accent Wall

accent wall for home office ideas
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Having a simple home office with subtle wall colors and neutral-toned furniture can feel quite monotonous. Indeed, you can easily get tired of seeing the same one-colored blank wall as you work. Fortunately, there are many ways and tips you can try to improve this.

For one, creating an accent or statement wall could make your office interior look less dull or boring. You can opt for wallpapers with striking patterns or amazing textures to give your home office wall more personality. Setting an accent wall can also give your workspace a focal point that could serve as a treat to your eyes while you finish up on your requirements. Indeed, this will help add more life and personality to your workspace—giving it an inviting and thrilling aesthetic.


Modern Home Office Ideas

Go for Scandinavian Aesthetics

scandinavian home office ideas
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Scandinavian design is currently one of the most famous and widely-used interior aesthetics. Indeed, more and more people find ways to turn their living spaces and bedrooms into clean and fresh-looking spots. Just like other parts of your house, your home office can also do with a modern and calming look.

To achieve a Scandinavian workspace interior, one of the cool home office ideas you can try is opting for furniture and decor that have white or neutral colors. If you’re fond of clean spaces, you will truly enjoy having subtle and clean-looking tones in your home office. You can also fuse an invigorating minimalist aesthetic with functionality by using white shelves and wooden containers. Add in a few plants and some dainty decorations and your office will surely be a treat for the eyes.


Install Mood Lighting

home office ideas for lighting
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LED lights can instantly turn your work area into a modern office room that has an aesthetic and striking design. These strip lights are one of the inexpensive yet chic ways to spruce up your home office. Moreover, they are easy to set up and customize according to your preferences. Even though you have simple-looking furniture and décor, a simple light installation can instantly change the mood inside your office—making it more relaxing and look up-to-date as well.


Use Contemporary Furniture

contemporary home office ideas
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Among the best contemporary home office ideas that you can try today is using modern-looking furniture or décor. Going for minimalistic designs can help give your home office a contemporary feel. To achieve this, straying away from furniture with loud patterns and strong designs can give the office a more organized look. Opting for dark or neutral tones could also give your office interior a more modern and sleek look.


Home Office Ideas on a Budget

Play Around With Layout

home office ideas on layout
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Purchasing new items for your workspace at home can take up a lot of money and time. If you are looking for budget-friendly home office layout ideas, merely playing around with the arrangement of your office furniture and decorative pieces could work. Rearranging your desk and tables’ positions could help you attain a fresh and new office look. Moreover, removing outdated décor and cleaning out the clutter can also make your home office appear even more tidy-looking and sleeker.


Try A New Wall Color

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Upgrading your home office can be quite costly and tedious. However, there are lots of easy and cheap office home ideas to help you acquire a brand new look for your workspace. For one, you can try painting your office wall with a new color. 

You may opt for bright, vibrant tones that can help give you energy as you work or study. Seeing a yellow room can instantly brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. On the other hand, opting for calming wall colors can help soothe you especially when your workload just keeps piling up. Cool, blue tones or subtle neutral colors are great for having a peaceful-looking area.


Reuse Available Items as Home Office Décor

home office ideas for decor
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There are a lot of budget-friendly DIY home office ideas that can help give your work area a chic flair. One of the tips on how to save money for office décor includes reusing some of your old belongings to adorn your space. If you have floating shelves, you can place cute, pleasant-looking items such as old cameras, books, and even small potted plants on them. This is a functional way to store your items and make them look appealing at the same time.

If you wish to have a feel of new furniture without taking out your wallet, why not try reusing available home stuff that you have lying around? For example, you can place an old bedside table inside your office and repurpose it as an end table for storage. Moreover, simply repositioning wall art from your living room to your work area can immediately spruce up your office as well.


Home Office Organization Ideas

Clear Containers

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As much as work areas take a lot of time to clean up, they also seem to be twice as fast to get disorderly and cluttered. Indeed, piles of books could be left stagnant and pesky items could get in the way of your desk space. Fortunately, there are a lot of home office storage ideas that you can try to avoid these problems. While shelves and drawers could do a great job in keeping the mess at bay, it might be quite difficult to store small items that tend to clutter up these storages. They are also usually harder to find due to their size and disordered placements.

To avoid such problems, one of the office supply storage ideas you can try is using clear containers. Transparent item holders or bins can let you easily see what’s inside so you can avoid the stress of rummaging through all your drawers. Moreover, clear containers such as glass jars look dainty and cute while also doing their job of keeping your paper clips, pins, and other office items organized.


Open Shelves

home office ideas for shelves
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This organizational system is one of the great home office shelving ideas you can use. Having open shelves could make it easy for you to determine where your office items are stored. Moreover, placing ornaments or potted plants could also make open shelving look appealing. Keep in mind that this storage system is best used when orderliness is observed. Make sure to keep your shelves neat and organized to maintain your home office’s aesthetic and tidy look.


Floating Cabinets

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One of the most practical home office setup ideas is the installation of floating cabinets. While they could look great, they also offer a storage solution for various work-related items. You can place your books and office supplies on these shelves to keep them organized.

Installing floating cabinets in front of your desk can also be a convenient way to store your stuff, especially if your desk does not have drawers. You can simply grab items that you use often from an easy-to-reach distance. Not to mention, looking at your organized things can give you a sense of pride and help calm you down when you’re feeling stressed.


Small Home Office Ideas

Try a Minimalistic Style

minimalist home office ideas
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Going minimalistic is one of the most practical and creative home office ideas for small rooms. An understated look could give your workspace a contemporary touch and a relaxing feel, as well. 

The formula to having a minimalistic home office greatly depends on the type of furniture and colors you try to incorporate into the room. To achieve an understated interior, you should go for neutral colors such as white or earth tones. Keep in mind that going minimalistic does not mean not adding décor to your space. You can put out a few simple items to decorate your office area. Making sure to apply bright light fixtures could also give your home office a more inviting and fresh atmosphere. 


Use Glossy Furniture

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Using glossy furniture or decorations is also one of the best small office ideas you can try out. Opting for reflective items can provide an illusion of a much larger home office space. To make your work area feel more spacious and open, try using lacquered or glossy desks or tables instead of ones with an opaque finish. Moreover, you can install mirrors on your office walls or keep a full-length mirror in one corner to achieve the illusion of a larger room.


Go All-White

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With a small home office for you to work in, avoiding bulky stuff or having too many decorative items could make your space feel less cramped and cluttered. Additionally, opting for simple-looking designs and monochrome items could make your office area feel more open.

One of the simple home office ideas for small spaces you can do is going all white with your work area design. White walls with white pieces of furniture will look far less flashy and distracting. To achieve great contrast, using black decorative items will look stunning against your all-white furniture and walls without looking too sloppy. Adding a few indoor plants can also give your otherwise monotonous-looking office more personality and life.


Home Office Furniture Ideas

Sleek Office Pieces

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While bulky furniture may look great, opting for sleeker pieces could give your home office a contemporary touch. If you already have cabinets or shelves that can store all your office items, you can try going for a leaner-looking desk or chair. Sleek furniture types could make your work area look more spacious and open. Notably, these aspects could greatly help give you a light feeling as you focus on work matters all day.


Efficient Desk

Image by Luis Ricardo Rivera from Pixabay

Just like with most items or matters, you should always go for a desk style that will suit you best. To make your working conditions better, you must opt for efficient and practical pieces of furniture for your home office.

Purchasing an L-shaped desk is best for people who need more desk space. This is a great piece of furniture that could help you assign an area for signing documents and another section for working on your laptop or desktop computer. Moreover, using a desk with drawers is also a great option for those who need storage for their office items. Indeed, going for furniture styles that cater to your specific work needs can spruce up your space and improve your productivity as well.


Black Furniture

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Without a doubt, black looks great on anything. From clothing pieces to decorative items, this color truly exhibits a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look. To instantly vamp up your home office, try using black pieces of furniture. While they can provide a great contrast to your work area, black office items can also help coffee stains or pen marks appear less visible. Overall, black furniture can also give your office interior a cozier vibe—making it feel more relaxing to stay in. Home office decor ideas that use brass or aluminum items to adorn your workspace can also complement your black furniture. With these, you can give your work area a fresh, contemporary flair.


Comfortable Office Chair

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Although a home office’s design is important, having a great workspace also entails comfort. When working from home, sitting for hours as you finish your tasks can give you discomfort and can even cause backaches. Investing in a good office chair is one of the best recommendations to avoid these problems. Doing so will help you avoid any body pains or uneasiness that an uncomfortable chair could give. 

You can try purchasing an office chair with height adjustment features so you can customize your seating position perfectly. Going for padded chairs can also help you feel more comfortable while you sit and work for hours. Similarly, opting for comfortable desks and having adequate lighting could help make you feel more comfortable inside your home office. These could then improve your overall working conditions and most importantly, your productivity levels.


Final Thoughts

We hope that these home office ideas were able to provide you with sufficient knowledge and inspiration in sprucing up your workspace. Keep in mind that beyond this list, you can also get creative by coming up with ideas that you think can help vamp up your home office and make it feel more inviting. Beyond design and aesthetics, opting for choices that fit your preferences and working needs should be considered, too. Indeed, these will help you acquire a better-looking space where you can feel at ease, productive, and inspired.