What is Scandinavian Design and How It Can Compliment Your Home?

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Over the last couple of years, different furniture designs have changed the way both designers and aficionados perceive these furnishings. Though a variety of furniture styles continue to win the hearts of many, there’s one specific aesthetic that remains timeless: Scandinavian design.

There’s no denying the strengths that other design styles possess. However, Scandinavian design continues to be a popular contender in the design world — and with good reason.

Anyone looking to elevate their home or office can opt for Scandinavian design thanks to its minimalist look. Though the Scandinavian aesthetic may be simple, it is without a doubt sleek and functional. For people who appreciate craftsmanship and aren’t too big on flashy pieces, Scandinavian furniture will be a good addition to your work or home space.

What exactly is Scandinavian design, though, and what makes it so popular to this day?

What Is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design first emerged in the early 20th century as a design movement primarily characterized by clean lines and simplicity. It reached further prominence in the 1950s, particularly in the five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark.

Elements in Scandinavian design are distinguished by a simple and clean look. What makes it so easy on the eyes is how this aesthetic is devoid of clutter. It can be applied to textiles and household goods, particularly in furniture.

With Scandinavian design, home decor focuses on pieces that give off a light and airy impression. This further adds to its more minimalist approach to design. Additionally, it gives your space a more well-lit and inviting feel. It ultimately provides an air of sophistication while keeping things fresh and simple. Plus, its focus on craftsmanship highlights the top-notch quality and class that Scandinavian furniture pieces emulate.

What Is Scandinavian Design
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Touches Of Nature

Another notable element that is evident in Scandinavian design is its hints of more organic materials here and there. This takes shape in the form of light wooden tones being incorporated in some furniture pieces.

Moreover, Scandinavian design can also be expressed by bringing in a few live plants. This touch of the outdoors brings some freshness and life to the simplicity of a living space that adopts the Scandinavian aesthetic. Add in a few chunky throw blankets and you’ve got a recipe for a home that is chic and cozy.

Scandinavian Color Palette

The color palettes found in Scandinavian design often lean on the more light and neutral side. This distinct lack of bright hues in lieu of light tones is what brings a sense of calmness that soothes the eyes.

That isn’t to say that the Scandinavian aesthetic is completely colorless, per se. It merely favors lighter and more monochromatic color palettes. This, in turn, accentuates the already clean aesthetic in Scandinavian design. Additionally, these pale color choices help maximize light at every turn in your living space. You might also find some touches of blacks and tans that contrast well against the overall neutral color combination of this style.

Furthermore, neutrals are not limited to mere whites or creams. Some neutral colors you might see in Scandinavian design include fossil grey, medici grey, stone white, deep onyx, and elegant charcoal. Golden basketry, as well as white cliff beige, are also common picks. A tasteful mix of these shades can give your home elegance while keeping things effortless.

Why Is Scandinavian Design So Popular?

Scandinavian interior design has established itself as one of the best in the business. One of the reasons why this style remains trendy is how simply clean it looks. Although it’s simple, it’s very pleasing to the eyes. This simplicity not only makes Scandinavian style versatile, but it also gives it a timeless appeal as well.

Additionally, the functionality found in Scandinavian design — paired with subtle touches of nature — keeps things contemporary and appeals to a variety of people. It’s no wonder, then, why Scandinavian design continues to be well-loved and popular over the years. The emphasis of quality over quantity helps Scandinavian design maintain its elegant style and practicality.

Furthermore, the timelessness of Scandinavian design makes it an easy style choice for many homes and office spaces. Scandinavian design proves that it can stand the test of time, so you can’t go wrong with a classic. It never comes off as outdated either, as the sophistication of this aesthetic lends itself well to modern decorations.

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How To Implement Scandinavian Design In Your Home

There’s no denying how Scandinavian design can elevate your home’s aesthetic. If you’re a fan of minimalism and want something modern, then embellishing your home with Scandinavian decor is undoubtedly for you.

You might not know how to start, though, especially since having Scandinavian interiors involves more than just taking a minimalist approach to decorating. Here are some tips to take note of when trying out Scandinavian design in your living space.

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Go Neutral

As mentioned, Scandinavian interiors place heavy focus on neutral colors. So, ditch the colorful hues and stick to more understated shades. By focusing on more neutral colors, you create a space that gives off relaxing vibes and looks impeccably clean.

Many Scandinavian homes opt for white walls, as these can help certain decorative pieces stand out more. But, if you’re not into the stark white, you can go for some cream shades as an alternative. Then, break the monotony with subtle splashes of color. If you’re not sure which color combinations go well together, opt for a monochromatic scheme instead.

Mix Wooden And Metal Finishes

Scandinavian design integrates wooden textures not just in flooring, but in furniture pieces as well. Take this to the next level with bits and pieces of sleek metals to complement wooden finishes. Pendant lights in copper or brass finishes can be hung from your ceiling for some added shine and brightness to your space, for example.

Add Some House Plants

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Go for houseplants to add a bit of green to your neutral color palette. That way, you can still maintain your approach to Scandinavian design with the touches of nature to complement the light wooden finishes of your furniture.

Include some fresh flowers to emulate the floral-lined streets that are popular in the Scandinavian region. Remember the neutral element, so try going for some white florals to maintain your monochromatic palette.

Ditch The Carpets

Instead of the wall-to-wall carpet look, go for light-colored flooring to further bring in some brightness to your home. Typically, homes decorated the Scandinavian way feature light hardwood floors. This is because such flooring can help create a light ambience that is cozy and inviting. Moreover, brighter spaces can help make your living area appear much more spacious, which only adds to the whole clutter-free look of Scandinavian design.

You can go for some rugs to add a bit of texture and dimension. However, make sure to stick to the simpler side when it comes to patterns and colors. Remember, less is more when you want to give your place a Scandinavian design makeover.

Get Rid Of All That Clutter

To reiterate, a major characteristic of Scandinavian design is how it is devoid of clutter. Making sure your space is bright and well-lit can only do so much when you have bits and bobs lying around the house. Keep things systematic with your storage ideas and ensure everything is in its right place. Function is just as big a priority as aesthetic when it comes to Scandinavian interiors. Therefore, it’s best that you be mindful about not only what you choose to include in your space, but their placement as well.

Good Lighting Is Key

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Daylight is very much an evident element in Scandinavian interiors. With that said, make sure you have some key lighting fixtures to help illuminate your home when it gets dark. Reach for more industrial pieces, as they will pair nicely with the wooden accents of your Scandinavian furniture.

Bare Windows Are Better

Scandinavian spaces often leave their windows bare and free from any coverings. Through this, windows can bring in more light, which in turn will help create a cleaner and brighter-looking space.

If, however, you are adamant about integrating some curtains, then stick to light and sheer fabrics. That way, you can still invite an influx of natural light into your Scandinavian-style home.

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Keep It Simple

Stick to the basics. A neutral color palette is already a good foundation to take off from, so start building from there. When you want to add certain key pieces of decor, remember to go for accents that won’t overpower your overall theme. Add decorative throw pillows and blankets to your couch for some texture and contrast. But, to keep everything cohesive, stick to a similar color palette or aim for patterns that are subtle and lowkey.

Why Should You Go For Scandinavian Design?

In the end, choosing to furnish your home with Scandinavian decors will depend on your own personal tastes. As visually appealing as Scandinavian interiors are, they may not be for everyone, even though they are undeniably timeless and popular.

Nevertheless, if you are open to trying something different for your home, then Scandinavian style will be a great option. It’s versatile, modern, and is functional as well. Scandinavian style can be especially helpful for people who want to declutter their living area. After all, a tidier living space can be conducive to relaxation and productivity.

So, if you want to switch things up and prefer a much more minimal but still functional approach to home decor, then go for Scandinavian design. You can’t go wrong with its clean and modern aesthetic.