35 Small Bedroom Ideas to Save Space With Style

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Small bedroom ideas can save space and spruce up your chambers. They offer so much potential when it comes to decorating cramped bedrooms that can be such a big challenge for many. With little space to work with, it truly is difficult to decide on which pieces of furniture to use. Moreover, placing decorative items can be quite tricky for they can make your space look even more cluttered and cramped. Fret not! Small bedroom ideas can certainly make your compact bedroom a space-saving sanctuary and a relaxing oasis.


Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Mirrors Here, There, and Everywhere!

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If you’re renting a tiny room or simply running out of small bedroom ideas that truly work, you can never go wrong with mirrors. As sure as leaves fall in autumn, mirrors also never fail to make any small space look bigger than it actually is. If you have a standalone closet, you can invest in installing mirrors on them. Leaning a large mirror in the corner of your bedroom will certainly help solve the cramped feeling that you get every time you enter the room.


Modern Bedroom Design

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Modern bedrooms are undoubtedly among the most-favored small bedroom designs. For one, these designs involve a lot of mirrors that give the illusion of a larger space. Various room inspiration ideas around modern furniture also include glossy surfaces and narrow blinds that make any room appear fresh and cool.

If you’re looking for modern bedroom ideas for small rooms, you should opt for sleek-looking room decoration. Doing so will give your space a minimalistic and more updated look. You could also install some pin lights or mood lighting that can up your master bedroom’s overall aura. Opting for dark tones or neutrals is also in-the-now for modern small bedroom ideas that can give a contemporary flair.


Use a Queen Bed

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As the popular saying goes—go big or go home! When it comes to your resting chambers, you must invest in a bed that can accommodate more people and can give you a good night’s sleep. Indeed, small bedroom ideas with a queen bed certainly work for any bedroom size or design. In fact, opting for a few big pieces of furniture instead of many small ones can give your room a more lavish look and airy feel.

Without a doubt, a statement bed will give your bedroom an eye-catching focal point. You can also take advantage of the little space beneath it to store flat or tiny items that you have. We also suggest not cramping your room with too much bedroom décor if you decide to get a queen-sized bed. Avoiding unessential pieces of furniture or bulky items can make your bedroom look even more spacious than it is.


Versatile Day Bed Design

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When it comes to small room ideas, you should certainly consider the small space that you’re working with. For instance, you should opt for a bed frame that fits your style and bedroom plan. Relatively, small bedrooms can always do with more space allowance—especially if you wish to maximize the area’s function. Instead of a king-sized bed or bunk beds, you can optimize your room’s purpose with a daybed. This is one of the best small bedroom ideas that you can apply to your master bedroom or even guest rooms. During the daytime, your daybed can function as a spot to relax, read, and lounge. At night, this bed design transforms your lounge chair into a comfortable bed where you can doze off into dreamland peacefully.


Build an Accent Wall

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This is truly one of the coolest master bedroom ideas that you must try. Indeed, even the smallest spaces require the best bedroom designs. Building an accent wall is one of the coolest ways on how to decorate a bedroom and make it look more glamorous. Instead of applying wallpaper all around your room, choose a side that can be a feature wall. This will make your room look more spacious. At the same time, it will give your room more personality.

You can try out an all-white brick feature wall to give your room a rustic yet clean look. Alternatively, opting for loud and eye-catching tones can instantly brighten up your master’s bedroom. To make your room appears longer, you can also choose a wall and paint it black or grey. This will give an illusion of an expanding space instead of a cramped one.


Go for the Greens

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When it comes to small bedroom décor, multifunctionality is an essential factor to consider. With the small space that you’re working with, you have to ensure that you are only including the best of the best. One of the ways on how to decorate your room efficiently is by bringing in some plants. They can instantly give your room more life. Lush, green plants also filter your air—making them perfect for a cramped bedroom that can otherwise feel so confined. While you can go with one big potted plant, you can also opt for small ones that have cute pots as decor.


Try Scandinavian

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Scandinavian design is undoubtedly among the popular small bedroom design ideas today. Due to their contemporary and fresh-looking interior, your resting chambers can instantly look cozier and invigorating. To achieve a Scandinavian bedroom interior design, you should go for soft tones such as white or tan. This is a popular trend in Scandinavian spaces. Moreover, minimalistic bedroom furniture design can also help you acquire this up-to-the-minute interior. You should also opt for dainty decorative items in neutral tones or shades that can tie your whole design together.


Small Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Let The Light In

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Any good room requires good lighting. One of the decorating ideas on a budget for a small bedroom is making good use of natural light. Bringing in lots of sunshine and light into your small bedroom can instantly make it look more open and spacious.

If you have big windows, take advantage of them by opening up your curtains or blinds during the daytime. You can also push your bed or favorite chair near your windows so you can have an instant light source. Not only will this help you skip the costs of buying a new lamp, utilizing natural light can also help you save up on electricity and energy.


Layer Up!

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If you have unused linens, blankets, and throw pillows lying around—try using them to dress up your bed. With these, you won’t need to shell out on buying new bed items. Layering fluffy, all-white linens can make your bed look even cozier and softer. They can also give texture to your otherwise dull bedroom. Speaking of texture, you can also try out crocheted, feathered, or even bedazzled pillowcases. These can give your space more character and style. A color-coordinated bed set also allows you to have a room that is worthy of any five-star accommodation.


Awesome Makeshift Vanity

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If you’re looking for vanity ideas for a small bedroom, you might find it hard to find one that suits your preference and fits your budget. Not to mention, having a full-sized vanity takes up so much space—making it an impractical addition to your small bedroom. Fortunately, you can always make a makeshift vanity with simple items such as a mirror and a ring light. You may opt for a small mirror that can be placed on top of any surface or choose a full-length mirror to check on outfits as well. A foldable ring light is also an efficient choice as a light source. It will be easy to whip out when you need to use it and simply tuck it away after use.


White on White

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One of the cheap bedroom ideas for small rooms is to go all-white. Doing so will help bring in more light and space into your room. Buying cheap yet quality white paint can help you achieve the white walls that will make your resting chambers feel airy and light. If you wish to, you can add more character to your room by opting for white wallpaper with different textures as well.

If you don’t want to spend much, you can simply just opt for white bedsheets and white décor that you have lying around. You can ditch the pieces of furniture that have bold or loud colors and place them somewhere else. With mostly white items, your bedroom can instantly feel more spacious. At the same time, its calming color can help you feel relaxed and acquire better sleep at night. 


Go Wild With Colors

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Without a doubt, going all-white can make any cramped space look even bigger and feel airier. If this seems too minimalistic for you or it’s simply not your style, you can always go for bold color designs, too. Opting for shiny or glittered décor can dress up your room—making it look more glamorous and lavish. One of the cool room ideas you can try out is going for striking colors such as yellow or blue that can be a treat for the eyes. If you wish to, you can also go for a white room with pops of color here and there. This will help you acquire an airy-looking room but also have some vivid shades for more personality and style.


Go for a Simple Bedroom Layout

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When it comes to small bedroom layout ideas, opting for a simple one can certainly work wonders. For instance, you can go for the basic strategy of putting your bed against the wall. This will let you have more space to walk around in and put other pieces of furniture that you need. Placing your bed in the middle of your room is one of the best small bedroom ideas that can instantly give your room a focal point. Not adding too many pieces of furniture or décor that can make your room look and feel cramped is also the best way to go. This is most especially true for very small bedrooms that can barely fit a regular-sized bed.

If you wish to have a change of scenery but can’t afford to buy new items, simply altering your bedroom layout can help you achieve this. Playing around with your furniture and decorative items’ placements can make you feel like you have a whole new bedroom.


Use Sheer Curtains

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As mentioned earlier, letting in natural light is one of the best small bedroom ideas you must consider. To do this, you should avoid using dark-toned pieces of furniture or décor. Opting for lighter ones will help bounce off the light within your bedroom. Moreover, you must ditch using opaque or heavy curtains that can block off sunshine (literally).

However, not everyone has the luxury of a private room. For instance, your window might be overlooking the city or is situated right across the window of your neighbor. To still have privacy and let in some natural light, you can opt for sheer curtains or blinds instead. They let in more sunlight compared to heavy curtains. Moreover, they cost much less compared to high-end, blackout curtains—all while looking just as equally dainty and gorgeous.


Ditch Unnecessary Furniture

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Less is truly more. Aside from white bedroom ideas, you can also make your room look even bigger by ditching pieces of furniture and items that take up so much space. Merely taking out an unnecessary bedside table, for example, can make your room look less cramped. You can also take out some bedroom pictures or decorative items that you can place elsewhere—giving your bedroom a fresh, clean look. 

The key is to simply include the things that you essentially need such as your bed or standalone closet so that you won’t be putting so many items inside your room. This is most useful for really tiny bedrooms that have little to no space for other items aside from these essentials.


Clean Your Space

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Cool bedrooms can always do with a little cleaning. No matter how big or small your space is, you can’t have clutter lying around. These can easily make your room look cramped and messy. Not to mention, litter can make your space dirty and undisposed garbage can give it a funky smell. No matter how much effort you exert in making your room look spacious or pretty, clutter can always hold you back from achieving your #BedroomGoals. 

So, allot some time to clean your space and change your sheets. While you’re at it, you can also dispose of unused items or broken items that just clutter your space. This method will only cost you little time but will help you save a whole lot of money.


Light Scented Candles

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Among the best small bedroom ideas for couples or even singles is the use of scented candles. For one, they are tiny yet dainty-looking items that can instantly give your room some lavish flair. They are also great mood lighting that can transform any space into a cozy, tranquil area. Moreover, they take up little space—making them perfect as a bedside item or a decorative piece that you can put on floating shelves. Scented candles can help you sleep better with their relaxing and cool fragrances as well. The best part? These cost much less compared to an essential oil diffuser or expensive lamps.


Design with Washi Tape

Small bedroom decorating ideas don’t necessarily require you to shell out a lot of money. Among the cheap yet effective ways to vamp up your bedroom is by using washi tape. This durable and versatile stationery item can help you customize your bedroom decor with a simple tear and stick. For instance, you can create a statement wall using washi tapes. You can also create easy DIY wall art and frames with a few washi strips and your favorite photos. Indeed, this inexpensive method can help you decorate your small bedroom in a multitude of ways.


Small Bedroom Ideas for Men

Go For Dark Tones

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When it comes to small bedroom paint ideas, going for light or bright colors isn’t the only option you have. Trying out dark tones can make your space appear bigger and not to mention, look even sleeker. Opting for dark shades such as gray or black is also perfect for men who wish to achieve an industrial bedroom interior. With some mood lighting and light bed sheets for contrast, your resting chambers can easily turn into a cozy sanctuary.


Install Light Flooring

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Who said light, airy hues are just for women? When it comes to choosing a small room design, opting for neutral colors is a no-brainer. For instance, light flooring can instantly give an illusion of a more expansive space compared to dark tones. If you can’t afford to change your flooring altogether, you still have many other options that can help you achieve light floors. You may opt for light-toned carpets or rugs. Go for white, beige, tan, or cream-colored items so that you can acquire a much wider-looking room.


Use an Industrial Bed Frame

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Bed designs for men are typically much more simple or industrial-looking. In turn, using an industrial bed frame can be the focal point of your small bedroom. This can also up your interior design with a statement piece that can instantly be eye-candy for you and your guests. While you’re at it, you can also use other industrial pieces of furniture such as chairs or bedside tables. You may also opt for sleek lamps and decor to achieve an overall aesthetically-pleasing look.


Accentuate with LED Strip Lights

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Among the trendy small bedroom decor ideas for men and women alike is using mood lighting. To achieve this, many people use LED strip lights since they are much more affordable and easier to install. Even if you only use a few pieces of furniture or simple décor, installing LED lights can instantly vamp up your resting chambers without taking up too much space. If you love customizing, LED strip lights can be arranged in various ways. You can also adjust their light colors and speed according to your preferences. 


Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Small Bed Options

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One of the most optimal teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms is going for a small bed. Unlike adults, teenagers can fit in a twin-sized bed comfortably as they still have so much room. Opting for a smaller bed also allows for more space that can be utilized for other pieces of furniture or knick-knacks that a teen might want to display in their room. With cute bed sheets and some decorative pieces, their small bed can still look fabulous and awesome, too.


Fresh-Looking Tones

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When it comes to small bedroom color ideas for teenage girls, you should look for fresh-looking hues that align with their preferences and personality. In turn, opting for light tones help make their room feel airy and much bigger in size. Most teenage girls would definitely love the modern, chic tones like white, grey, blush, or even dusty yellow. Color-coordinating the elements of their room will also help tie the whole design together.


Trendy Wall Art

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While this may be one of the adorable small bedroom ideas for girls, it can also be perfect for people of all ages who love to spruce up their space with photos. Captured moments make up for sentimental yet awesome-looking décor that can always provide a sense of fulfillment and bliss. This trendy wall art, composed of some Christmas lights and polaroid pictures, is truly among the cute room ideas that can be perfect for any bedroom or other living spaces inside your home.  


Chic Clothing Rack

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Using stylish yet functional storage solutions is one of the best small bedroom ideas for a teenage girl. With their cool outfits and accessories, teenagers could do with extra compartments to keep their items in place. One of the trendy and chic ways to store clothes is by using a clothing rack. This is an efficient way to hang clothes and make any room look stylishly cool—making them perfect for teenage girls. This can also help them achieve their TikTok or Pinterest room dreams.


Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Space-Saving Light Fixtures

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With a small bedroom layout, you have to maximize the use of space-saving items as much as possible. This includes the use of hanging or mounted light fixtures. More often than not, table and floor lamps take up space that you barely even have in the first place. In turn, making use of your walls or ceilings for the light that you need is a perfect solution. You may opt for sconces, wall lamps, or pendant lights that come in various styles and designs.


Maximize Space

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Small bedroom layout ideas could offer more storage than you can imagine if you learn how to maximize the use of your space. For instance, pushing back your bed against the wall will significantly allow you to bring in more pieces of furniture that you might need. Moreover, you can use every nook and cranny to squeeze in small bedside tables, shelves, and other compartments that you need.


Utilize Windowsill for Storage

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With a small room, you need to be extra inventive and practical when it comes to storage. Doing so allows you to resourcefully acquire extra storage for your items and sentimental belongings. If you happen to have a windowsill, try to look at its storage potential before thinking of it as a hindrance. Indeed, you can instantly create a dainty indoor garden by placing your potted plants there. You can also transform your windowsill into a reading nook by putting your favorite books, a blanket, and some throw pillows on top.


Murphy Bed

Without a doubt, a bed is what takes up the most space in a tiny bedroom. As a result, you won’t be able to make space for other important items or pieces of furniture that you need daily. This is most especially disadvantageous for people who live in a small apartment or studio with a layout that leaves them with no choice but to compress their living spaces and resting chambers in one.

Investing in a murphy bed is one of the best solutions to this problem. A retractable bed is perfect for tiny spaces since you can tuck it away when not in use. This allows you to have more space to walk and move around. If you don’t have the budget or means to buy a brand new and ready-built murphy bed, you can always opt for a DIY project that lets you customize the size and style that fit your preferences.


Loft Bed

Instead of opting for a small bed, why not try a loft bed instead? This option lets you maximize the small space that you barely have. With this, you can create a cozy gaming area or try out different home office ideas with the extra space that you managed to save. Just like a murphy bed, you can easily customize and even build a loft bed on your own. We do suggest asking for a professional’s opinion or help since a badly-built loft bed can cause more hassle in the future.


Storage Bed

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Without a doubt, this is one of the best storage ideas for a small bedroom. Since a bed usually takes up the most space in a bedroom, it is only practical for us to take advantage of its storage potential. If your closet or shelf spaces just aren’t enough, you can store more items with bed storage space that this offers. Moreover, drawers beneath a bed are easy to access and tuck away after use as well. Indeed, they are one of the most resourceful small bedroom ideas for tiny room owners who need all the space they can muster.


Multipurpose Items

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Instead of opting for small bedroom furniture, you can also consider using multipurpose items that serve various functions. For example, you may use a large chest as a storage compartment and a versatile surface. You may place decorative pieces that can bring life and personality to your room. Moreover, you may also put a mirror and your cosmetic products to instantly transform it into a vanity. You can also set up a table inside your room that you can use according to your current needs whether it’s for working, studying, or even for a place to eat.


Customized Furniture

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If you have the means and budget to do so, try to invest in having customized furniture built for your small bedroom. While this may cost money and time, it will surely make your living conditions much easier. This will also allow you to maximize the little space that you have—taking in every nook and cranny as a useful and transformative oasis of function and bedroom storage.

As a tip, you can create a bed that fits you well and at the same time, does not take up too much space in your room. A designated work area with customized storage for your items will also prove to be an efficient addition to your room. Don’t underestimate the potential of built-in cabinets or closets, either. They offer so much storage as they also hide the clutter that could otherwise make your bedroom look even more cramped and smaller. Indeed, there are lots of ways for you to make tailor-made dimensions and functions that fit your needs well.


Floating Shelves

floating shelf for small bedroom ideas
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Among the biggest problems that small bedroom owners tackle is the lack of closet space. In turn, they either have to deal with the clutter inside their room or discard some items that they don’t really want to lose. Fortunately, you can always make good use of the vertical space you have by installing a floating shelf or two.

This is one of the easy DIY small bedroom storage ideas that you can try at home. Floating shelves offer both function and design—depending on how you wish to use them. You can install them in an organized way or other cool layouts to give your room more personality. Then, you may place important items that take up too much surface space in your closets. These include purses, accessories, or even shoes. Displaying them can instantly give your room a chic boutique look. Lastly, you can place decorative items such as vases or picture frames to make your floating shelves look more intended and above all, stylish. 


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, transforming a cramped bedroom poses many challenges. With the right small bedroom ideas and a whole lot of creativity, you can instantly turn your space into a relaxing and stylish spot. Whether you have the budget and time or not, countless options can help you spruce up your room without breaking a sweat. Take note that although no one rule of thumb fits for every bedroom, the most important thing is to go for something that you enjoy and most of all, feel comfortable in.