123Movies Websites and Best Alternatives To Watch Your Favorite Shows

What is 123Movies

If you’ve been on the internet for some time now, you’re probably already familiar with 123Movies. Dubbed as the most popular illegal site in the world by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), it features an extensive collection of pirated movies and television programs. These pirated content are uploaded onto the site as soon as they are released. In some cases, they’re up even before their theatrical release thanks to leaks.

Due to its nature of hosting illegal content, the site is no stranger to copyright issues. The MPAA has been trying to eradicate the main site and all the other 123Movies proxy websites. Despite this, it’s still the go to for people all around the globe to stream movies and shows in high-definition (HD) for free. That is, if you can access it.

In recent years, we’ve seen more legal streaming sites start to develop. Platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video are the leading video on-demand (VOD) streaming services. With that said, the crackdowns on sites like 123Movies have also reached new extremes. After all, illegal streaming and torrent sites like The Pirate Bay do not support legitimate industries. The film and television industry loses billions worth of revenue because of illegal streaming sites. As such, it’s not uncommon to find these sites unreachable or blocked in some parts of the world.

Despite the clamp downs, it seems like the 123Movies online site and other illegal streaming sites are still not going anywhere soon. Read on to learn how you can access a 123Movies unblocked site while keeping yourself protected.

What Happened to 123Movies?

123Movies closure
Image by Mosaicberry, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The original 123Movies TO domain, along with its other variations, went offline in 2018. This was after the MPAA launched a criminal investigation in Vietnam, where the site was operating from. Beforehand, the site was already blocked in at least eight countries. This was in an effort to shut down the ring of piracy services. Not long after, several copycat and clone sites started making rounds on the internet. Sadly, these were all dupe sites trying to ride the wave of popularity that 123Movies had.

If you’re looking for the official 123Movies new site name or domain, sad to say, there isn’t one. There’s no word from the official team behind the original site if they’ve relaunched it or if there are any plans to do so. However, there are a few working 123Movies proxy and mirror sites available online. We cannot say anything for certain with regard to the integrity of these sites. It’s easy to stumble on webpages using the site’s name, but using them can easily lead to your device contracting malware. That’s why it’s always best to keep your antivirus program updated. The best free antivirus software is enough to keep your devices protected. Not just when streaming movie and television titles, but when browsing the net in general.

123Movies Proxy Sites 

123Movies proxy sites list
Image by skylarvision from Pixabay

Undoubtedly, 123Movies is still a prominent name when it comes to free streaming sites. Despite its shutdown, people are still looking up 123Movies proxy sites, hoping to access its library of shows and films.

Note that these clone sites may not be on the same caliber or feature an identical collection to that of the original. Nevertheless, if you’re still yearning to watch Game of Thrones online free of charge, here are the best working 123Movies websites.


How to Access 123Movies Unblocked Sites

As stated earlier, internet service providers (ISPs) often block 123Movies online sites. If you ever find yourself unable to load the sites above, don’t fret! There’s still a way to go around government censorship and restrictions of illegal streaming sites.

The easiest way to access 123Movie unblocked sites is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In order to get around content blocks, a VPN will reroute your internet traffic from your device through a remote VPN server. If you’re using a premium VPN software, you can select the location of the server you want. Sadly, if you’re on a budget, a free VPN won’t give you the same luxury. While there are still the best free VPN worth using, not all of them will allow you to choose your virtual location. On top of that, they do have data caps, which can interfere with the speed of your streaming.

Nevertheless, it’s still the most reliable way to unlock any website you want. Regardless of your location or ISP, you can easily unblock sites like 123Movies with the best VPN service.

Is 123Movies Safe to Use?

Because it hosts illegal content, you may wonder: is 123Movies safe to use? The answer falls in a gray area. Most of the clone sites don’t carry any malware. However, there are a few fake ones that contain viruses and phishing links. Thus, always make sure you’re using an antivirus when looking for the Avengers: Infinity War full movie online – or any film, for that matter. As security measures against malware evolve, so does the malware itself. Just by simply visiting a website, you are already putting yourself at risk of contracting computer viruses!

Asides from a top quality antivirus program, here are other ways on how you can safely watch 123Movies content.

Install a VPN

As mentioned above, using a VPN will help you access blocked 123Movie proxy sites. Additionally, it can also keep your online activity private. Not only are you changing your virtual location, you are also encrypting your internet traffic from your ISP. Moreover, it will hide your Internet Protocol (IP) address from other prying eyes on the internet. Make sure that your VPN of choice has a kill switch or network lock. This is important because a kill switch will automatically disconnect your device from the internet if your VPN connection fails. Thus, there will be no possibility of accidentally exposing your IP address to malicious individuals and possible cybersecurity threats.

Use an Ad Blocker

123Movies websites and even torrenting sites like 1337x rely on advertisements for revenue. After all, they provide us with free content, so of course they’ll need a way to generate their own income. Sadly, these annoying pop-up and banner ads hold more dangers than one might expect. Oftentimes they are sources of malware that can put your private information at risk – regardless if you don’t even click on them!

In order to add another layer of protection, it’s best to install an ad blocker extension for your browser or app on your smartphone. By using one, you can say goodbye to those disruptive flashing ads and block force redirects. Additionally, it also blocks third-party trackers that may obtain and sell your data to cybercriminals.

Lastly, of course, one of the top reasons to use an adblocker is that it provides you with a cleaner browsing experience. There’s nothing better than binge watching all your favorite Doctor Who episodes without pop-up notifications of you suddenly winning a new iPhone 11 without even joining a raffle.

Sites Like 123Movies: Best Alternatives


Putlocker as an 123movies alternative.
Screenshot grabbed from Putlocker

Another prominent name in the world of free streaming sites is Putlocker. Initially launched in 2011, the website didn’t receive major traffic until 2012 — the same year Megaupload, another popular file storage and viewing platform, shut down. From then, the site grew into one of the most reliable sources of all the best movies and television programs.

Unfortunately, the original website – – went offline in 2016. Before that, though, it was blocked by ISPs in the United Kingdom. This was after MPAA’s appeal to the country’s High Court to bar illegal streaming sites like Putlocker.

Luckily, there are still several Putlocker proxy and mirror sites going around to this day. Similar to 123Movies, it is unknown whether the team behind the original Putlocker movies website is behind them. Nevertheless, these clone sites are still popular with people who want to access films and shows for free.

It allows users to check corresponding IMDB ratings for movies to help them decide if they want to watch it or not. There’s also a most viewed section that features all the popular movies and shows that others are watching on the site. The filtering system also allows for users to choose between HD or non-HD copies of the latest movies and shows.

Have you ever watched Putlocker free movies? It’s a perfect 123Movies alternative if you ever find yourself unable to access it.


Gomovies as an 123movies alternative
Screenshot grabbed from Gomovies

Gomovies is definitely one of the most popular 123Movies alternatives out there. After all, they share the same contents. In 2017, the main 123Movies site went offline but quickly relaunched and rebranded as Gomovies. This was in hopes of distancing themselves from the number of fake sites using the 123Movies brand.

Since then, though, there have been several new and seemingly legitimate 123Movies proxy sites. However, working Gomovies websites are still floating around the internet. Majority of these sites have similar content and source their movies and TV shows from the same file hosting platforms as 123Movies


Watch movies on SolarMovie
Screenshot grabbed from SolarMovie

Another widely used site to watch HD movies online is SolarMovie. This 123Movies alternative offers a vast collection of movies and TV shows. On top of streaming, the website has also made it easy for users to download movies from the site.

You can browse the contents of the SolarMovies website by genre, country of origin, and year of release. Take note that the country of origin section is narrowed down to films and shows from Asian countries like Thailand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and India. There’s also a separate section for French and UK films. All other contents outside of these countries are under the International tag. Thus, fans of foreign films from the countries not mentioned will need to dive through the melting pot that is the international section. But then again, there’s nothing like discovering a hidden gem amidst the thousands of options available on sites like SolarMovie.


Watch movies on YesMovies
Screenshot grabbed from YesMovies

YesMovies has over nine thousand movies and television shows on its index. From laugh-out-loud sitcoms to hard-hitting documentary series, this online streaming site is a go-to for many who can’t shell out subscription fees for paid streaming services. Aside from genre, you can also browse films from particular countries, similar to SolarMovie. Users can also browse the top IMDB films YesMovies has on its site.

One reason many users gravitate towards YesMovies is because of its simplistic user interface that’s super easy to navigate. Sadly, it’s littered with rather vulgar advertisements for porn sites. Again, we highly encourage the use of an ad blocker whenever browsing through sites like YesMovies.

Unlike other websites mentioned above, YesMovies allow users to create an account. This isn’t mandatory in order to enjoy HD movies and shows. When you sign up for an account, you are able to rate the movies and shows. Additionally, you can now add content to your very own favorites list. Although, we do suggest not using your own personal email if ever you do decide to create an account.

Moreover, due to its nature of being an illegal streaming site, it isn’t always the easiest website to find through a search engine. However, if you are having issues accessing the main site, there are several YesMovies proxy and mirror sites available. Just make sure you’re using a VPN service. 


Netflix as your legal 123Movies alternative
Image grabbed from Netflix, Inc.

If you’re tired of the pirate life, one of the most popular streaming platforms out there is, of course, Netflix. Asides from its extensive list of blockbuster movies and shows, the streaming service is also constantly churning out original content. There are endless options for you to watch! Its recommendation algorithm and engine are perfect for those who may not initially know what to watch first. There’s even a list of the top 10 most streamed content in your country that is regularly updated.

Users with Netflix accounts can browse new movies and series coming to the platform. They can easily set reminders for when they arrive on the service, too. Additionally, the Netflix app on smartphones and tablets allows for offline viewing. So you never have to be bored when on a long commute on a train or bus. Just make sure you have your best noise cancelling headphones with you for a better and more immersive viewing experience.

The basic Netflix plan starts at $8.99, which allows you to watch in standard definition on one device. Although, if you want HD and Ultra HD streaming quality, you will need to turn to a more expensive Netflix subscription. If you want to share your account with others and let them watch on their own devices, the Premium plan can accommodate up to four devices at the same time.

BONUS: Torrent Sites

The best unblocked torrent sites.
Image by Haris imran from Pixabay

Torrent sites are undoubtedly the ultimate sources of free content on the internet. For those unfamiliar, torrenting is the act of downloading files in through a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing network. It’s a great alternative to using streaming services because it will save the files onto your device. Thus, you can easily re-watch films and programs without worrying about pop-up notification ads on your screen. Unlike streaming or direct downloads, though, in order to download torrents, you will need a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

You can find almost anything and everything you’re looking for on the best torrent sites. These include all your favorite movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for the complete season of your favorite show to binge watch, EZTV is one of the best torrent sites for TV shows. Meanwhile, the YIFY torrent site is known for its extensive collection of movie torrents on its index. Additionally, torrent sites also offer other forms of media like music videos, albums, comic books, ebooks, video games, and even software.

Note that torrenting these contents, just like streaming videos on sites like 123Movies, is still an act of piracy. The act of torrenting itself isn’t illegal. Unfortunately, the majority of the content that people are sharing and downloading are copyrighted material. With that, it’s best to exercise caution when visiting best unblocked torrent sites and downloading anything off them.

Getting Your Film Fix Thanks to 123Movies 

In the era of cord-cutting, more and more people are ditching traditional cable television. Instead, they rely on streaming services online. The sudden popularity of Netflix in the earlier 2010s helped establish the trend of streaming services. There was even a time when Netflix ruled as the best option out there, with little to no competition. Unfortunately, with more media companies wanting in on the action, we’re seeing people return to online piracy.

With the launch of Disney+, HBO Max, Apple+, Hulu, and several others, we are seeing more gated content. Not everyone can afford to pay for monthly subscriptions on these streaming services just to watch their exclusive content. Because of this, sites like 123Movies saw a rise in popularity once more.

Over the years, 123Movies and other similar free streaming sites have faced legal battles against movie studios and agencies. Despite this, though, they are still one-stop shops for those looking to watch a full movie in great quality for free.

The lack of sign-up or payment required to access the 123Movies free content makes it one of the best streaming websites out there. It’s easy to use and has multiple streaming servers to choose from. Users can easily watch unlimited films and television programs without any restrictions! As long as you’re using a VPN, that is. As mentioned above, the legality and security of using the 123Movies new site is, unfortunately, not always guaranteed.


Admittedly, we understand the appeal of streaming videos for free. However, streaming videos on 123Movies is still illegal. That said, we at CitizenSide do not condone, nor will we ever promote the act of piracy. This is especially due to the dangers that patronizing such websites possess. On that note, we implore all our readers to proceed with caution if you do ever decide to use 123Movies. We encourage everyone to always patronize legal services when possible —be it streaming or otherwise.