Nelk Boys Face Lawsuit For Assault And Battery After Prank Gone Wrong


A Youtube prank by the Nelk Boys has taken a turn for the worse, as they now find themselves embroiled in a lawsuit over the controversial video. The prank involved a fake meth lab scenario, but the consequences are very real for the Nelk Boys, as they are being sued for assault and battery.

Key Takeaway

The Nelk Boys are facing legal trouble after a prank video involving a fake meth lab went wrong. The targeted weed delivery driver is seeking compensation for assault and battery, claiming he was unaware of the prank and suffered physical and emotional injuries as a result.

The Prank Gone Wrong

Nicholas Aliff, the man at the center of this legal battle, claims to be the weed delivery driver who was targeted in the Nelk Boys’ fake meth lab prank. Aliff was not pleased with the prank and threatened legal action at the time. Now, it appears that he is following through with his plans.

In the video, Aliff alleges that he was instructed by the Nelk Boys to deliver cannabis to a warehouse near Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to him, the pranksters had set up a fake meth lab and even hired an actor to portray a police officer. The intention was to create a scenario that would shock and scare Aliff, capturing his genuine reaction on camera.

A Shocking Revelation

Aliff claims that he genuinely believed the actor portraying the police officer was real, and he had no knowledge of the prank until after the fact. According to his account, it was only when the Nelk Boys revealed the truth that he realized it was all a joke. In response, Aliff became angry and started yelling at the pranksters.

Unfortunately, the situation escalated from there. Aliff alleges that the Nelk Boys’ security team restrained him by grabbing him from behind and putting him in a chokehold. He alleges that this resulted in severe physical and emotional injuries.

The Lawsuit

As a result, Aliff is now seeking legal recourse. He is suing the Nelk Boys for assault and battery, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress. Through his legal action, he hopes to hold the pranksters accountable for their actions and seek damages.

At this time, the Nelk Boys have not responded to the allegations or the lawsuit.