YouTuber Jack Doherty Sued For Assault And Battery Over Halloween Altercation


Popular YouTuber Jack Doherty is facing legal trouble after being sued for assault and battery by a man who claims he was attacked at a Halloween party in Los Angeles. The incident allegedly involved Doherty and his bodyguard, Kane Kongg, and has sparked a legal battle that is making headlines.

Key Takeaway

YouTuber Jack Doherty is facing a lawsuit for assault and battery following an alleged altercation at a Halloween party, raising concerns about the conduct of social media influencers and their associates.

Allegations and Legal Action

The lawsuit, filed by a man named Chase Gardella, alleges that he was at a Halloween party where he had an interaction with Jack Doherty and Kane Kongg. According to Gardella, the situation escalated, leading to an altercation in which Kongg allegedly punched him, causing injuries to his head, neck, and face. The incident was reportedly captured on video and has since circulated on social media.

Previous Incidents and Claims

Gardella’s legal team has raised concerns about Doherty’s past behavior, citing videos on his YouTube channel where his bodyguards are seen intimidating individuals who react negatively to his pranks. Additionally, the lawsuit mentions previous legal issues involving Kongg, including an alleged assault while working as security for another public figure.

Legal Response and Seeking Damages

Chase Gardella’s attorney, Greyson Goody, has condemned the alleged assault, describing it as unprovoked and emphasizing the impact it has had on his client. The lawsuit seeks damages for assault, battery, negligence, and emotional distress, underlining the severity of the situation and its potential consequences for Gardella.