What To Watch On YouTube


Comedy Channels

Laughter is the best medicine, and YouTube is home to a plethora of hilarious comedy channels that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re into sketch comedy, stand-up, or humorous commentary, these channels will keep you entertained for hours on end. Here are some must-watch comedy channels on YouTube:

  • H3H3 Productions: H3H3 Productions, run by Ethan and Hila Klein, is famous for their reaction videos and comedic commentary on various internet trends and topics. Their dry sense of humor and satirical take on current events make for side-splitting content.
  • The Try Guys: The Try Guys, originally known for their Buzzfeed videos, have ventured out on their own to bring their unique brand of comedy and outrageous challenges to their YouTube channel. From hilarious attempts at cooking to daring experiments, these guys never fail to deliver laughs.
  • CollegeHumor: CollegeHumor has been a staple in the online comedy scene for years. Their skits, parodies, and original series cover a wide range of subjects, from awkward encounters to relatable office humor. Their talented cast and clever writing guarantee a good laugh.
  • Good Mythical Morning: Hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, Good Mythical Morning is a comedic talk show that explores bizarre food challenges, wacky experiments, and hilarious games. Their chemistry and comedic timing make every episode a joy to watch.
  • Nigahiga: Ryan Higa, known as Nigahiga on YouTube, has been entertaining viewers with his witty skits and funny vlogs for over a decade. His unique brand of humor and charismatic personality have garnered him a massive following.

These are just a few examples of the countless comedy channels available on YouTube. Whether you’re into slapstick humor, clever wordplay, or witty social commentary, there’s something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your socks off with these hilarious YouTube comedy channels.

Gaming Channels

If you’re a gaming enthusiast or simply enjoy watching others play video games, YouTube is a treasure trove of gaming channels that offer entertaining and informative content. From gameplay walkthroughs to gaming news and reviews, these channels cater to a wide range of gaming interests. Here are some top gaming channels on YouTube:

  • PewDiePie: With over 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie is one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube. Known for his humorous commentary and energetic style, Felix Kjellberg captivates viewers with his Let’s Play videos and meme-filled content.
  • Markiplier: Markiplier, aka Mark Edward Fischbach, has carved a niche for himself as a charismatic gamer with a heart of gold. His engaging Let’s Play videos and horror game reactions have made him a fan favorite. He also frequently participates in charity events, connecting with his audience on a deeper level.
  • IGN: IGN is not just a gaming channel, it’s a go-to destination for gaming news, reviews, interviews, and gameplay footage. With a team of passionate experts, IGN provides comprehensive coverage of the gaming industry and offers valuable insights for gamers of all levels.
  • Rooster Teeth: Rooster Teeth is a hub of gaming-related content, featuring Let’s Play videos, comedy shorts, and animated series. With a diverse group of personalities, they offer a wide variety of gaming experiences and entertainment.
  • Game Grumps: Game Grumps, hosted by Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, is known for their humorous commentary and playthroughs of various video games. Their witty banter and infectious chemistry make for an enjoyable viewing experience.

These gaming channels are just a taste of what YouTube has to offer in the gaming category. Whether you’re looking for expert gameplay, entertaining commentary, or insightful reviews, these channels have you covered. So grab your controller or sit back with some popcorn, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of gaming through these fantastic YouTube channels.

DIY and Crafts Channels

If you’re a fan of DIY projects or enjoy getting crafty, YouTube is the perfect platform to find inspiration and step-by-step tutorials. DIY and crafts channels on YouTube offer a wealth of creative ideas and techniques to help you unleash your inner artist. Here are some top DIY and crafts channels worth checking out:

  • 5-Minute Crafts: 5-Minute Crafts is a popular channel that provides quick and easy DIY solutions for everyday problems. From clever home organization hacks to creative craft ideas, their videos are packed with useful tips and tricks.
  • Crafts by Amanda: Amanda Formaro’s channel, Crafts by Amanda, offers a wide range of DIY projects suitable for all ages. From simple crafts for kids to sophisticated home decor ideas, Amanda provides clear instructions and helpful tips in her tutorials.
  • ThreadBanger: ThreadBanger, hosted by Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh, is a fun and quirky DIY channel that explores unique and sometimes unconventional craft projects. From upcycling clothing to creating DIY costumes, their videos are filled with creativity and humor.
  • Blossom: Blossom is a channel that focuses on crafting clever and innovative solutions for everyday items. Their DIY projects range from home decor to fashion and beauty hacks. With their easy-to-follow tutorials, you’ll be able to transform ordinary objects into something extraordinary.
  • The Sorry Girls: Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright, the duo behind The Sorry Girls channel, specialize in budget-friendly and stylish DIY projects. From room makeovers to fashion and accessories, their tutorials are full of trendy and affordable ideas.

These DIY and crafts channels on YouTube are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast world of creative projects. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home, create personalized gifts, or simply enjoy the process of crafting, these channels will provide you with endless inspiration and guidance. So grab your supplies, gather your creativity, and get ready to embark on a crafty journey with these amazing YouTube channels.

Beauty and Lifestyle Channels

If you’re interested in all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, YouTube is a treasure trove of channels that cater to these interests. From makeup tutorials and product reviews to fashion hauls and lifestyle tips, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Here are some top beauty and lifestyle channels on YouTube:

  • Zoe Sugg (Zoella): Zoella is one of the most popular beauty and lifestyle influencers on YouTube. With her warm personality and relatable content, she offers a mix of makeup tutorials, beauty product recommendations, and lifestyle vlogs.
  • Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru): Tati Westbrook is known for her honest and in-depth beauty product reviews. From high-end to drugstore brands, her thorough analyses and recommendations help viewers make informed purchasing decisions.
  • NikkieTutorials: Nikkie de Jager, also known as NikkieTutorials, is a talented makeup artist who creates stunning and creative makeup looks. From glamorous transformations to tutorials on achieving the perfect base, her channel is a treasure trove for beauty enthusiasts.
  • Ingrid Nilsen: Ingrid Nilsen’s channel covers a variety of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics. Known for her authentic and relatable content, she provides helpful tips, discusses important issues, and shares her personal experiences with her audience.
  • Tess Christine: Tess Christine’s channel is a go-to destination for fashion and style inspiration. From lookbooks and outfit ideas to fashion hauls, she showcases her unique sense of style and offers tips on how to put together trendy and affordable outfits.

These beauty and lifestyle channels on YouTube offer a wide range of content to cater to your interests. Whether you’re looking for makeup tutorials, skincare advice, fashion inspiration, or lifestyle tips, these channels have got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to enhance your beauty and lifestyle knowledge with these fantastic YouTube channels.

Cooking and Recipe Channels

If you’re a food lover or enjoy trying out new recipes, YouTube is a goldmine for cooking inspiration and instructional videos. Cooking and recipe channels on YouTube offer a variety of cuisines, techniques, and skill levels to suit every taste and level of expertise. Here are some popular cooking and recipe channels worth exploring:

  • Tasty: Tasty is a renowned cooking channel that features quick and easy recipes, delicious desserts, and mouthwatering dishes. Their visually appealing videos and straightforward instructions make it easy for anyone to recreate their recipes.
  • Binging with Babish: Binging with Babish is a cooking channel hosted by Andrew Rea, who recreates popular dishes from movies, TV shows, and video games. His attention to detail and passion for food make for an entertaining and educational cooking experience.
  • Gordon Ramsay: Yes, the famous chef Gordon Ramsay has his own YouTube channel! From classic recipes to cooking tips and techniques, his channel offers a glimpse into his culinary expertise and provides viewers with valuable insights from a master chef.
  • Jamie Oliver: Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef known for his approachable and family-friendly recipes. His YouTube channel features a wide variety of dishes, from comfort food to healthy meals, all presented in his signature energetic and engaging style.
  • Nadiya Hussain: Nadiya Hussain, winner of The Great British Bake Off, has a delightful YouTube channel where she shares her love for baking and cooking. Her warm and inviting personality, coupled with her mouthwatering recipes, make her channel a must-watch for food enthusiasts.

These cooking and recipe channels are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast world of culinary content on YouTube. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned home chef, you’ll find a multitude of recipes, cooking techniques, and food inspiration from these channels. So put on your apron, sharpen your knives, and get ready to embark on a mouthwatering culinary journey with these fantastic YouTube channels.

Travel and Adventure Channels

If you have a case of wanderlust or simply enjoy vicariously experiencing new destinations and thrilling adventures, YouTube is the perfect platform to explore the world. Travel and adventure channels on YouTube showcase breathtaking landscapes, cultural experiences, and adrenaline-pumping activities. Here are some top travel and adventure channels worth exploring:

  • FunForLouis: FunForLouis, hosted by Louis Cole, takes viewers on a journey around the world through his vlogs and travel documentaries. From remote jungles to bustling cities, his channel offers a unique perspective on different cultures and fascinating destinations.
  • Lost LeBlanc: Lost LeBlanc is a travel channel that captures the beauty of destinations around the globe. Christian’s videos are filled with stunning visuals, helpful travel tips, and insightful cultural experiences that make you feel like you’re right there with him.
  • Hey Nadine: Hey Nadine is a travel channel hosted by Nadine Sykora, who shares her adventures and provides practical tips for travelers. From solo travels to group trips, her channel offers a mix of personal stories, destination guides, and travel hacks.
  • The Bucket List Family: The Bucket List Family documents the adventures of Garrett and Jessica Gee and their three children as they travel the world. Their channel showcases family-friendly destinations, heartwarming experiences, and the joy of discovering new cultures together.
  • Expert Vagabond: Expert Vagabond, hosted by adventure travel blogger Matthew Karsten, showcases thrilling experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations. From diving with sharks to hiking through jungles, his videos inspire viewers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new adventures.

These travel and adventure channels offer a glimpse into the beauty and excitement of exploration. Whether you’re planning your next trip or simply seeking inspiration, these channels will transport you to incredible destinations and ignite your sense of wanderlust. So grab your virtual passport, sit back, and get ready to embark on thrilling travel adventures with these amazing YouTube channels.

Educational Channels

If you have an innate curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, YouTube is a fantastic resource for expanding your horizons and acquiring new information. Educational channels cover a wide range of topics, from history and science to technology and philosophy. Here are some top educational channels on YouTube:

  • TED-Ed: TED-Ed is an educational platform that features short, captivating videos on a variety of subjects. From mind-bending science concepts to thought-provoking discussions on art, their channel offers a wealth of knowledge presented in an engaging and accessible way.
  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell specializes in creating animated videos that explain complex scientific concepts and explore philosophical questions. Their visually stunning visuals and succinct explanations make complex ideas easy to comprehend.
  • Crash Course: Crash Course offers a wide array of educational content, covering subjects such as history, science, literature, and more. Hosted by engaging and knowledgeable presenters, their videos provide in-depth explanations and a comprehensive understanding of various topics.
  • Vsauce: Vsauce, hosted by Michael Stevens, delves into intriguing questions and explores scientific mysteries. With his witty and thought-provoking approach, he engages viewers on a wide range of topics, from the science of illusions to the philosophy of time.
  • Veritasium: Veritasium, hosted by Derek Muller, is known for captivating science videos that challenge common misconceptions and uncover fascinating scientific phenomena. Through experiments and interviews with experts, Derek explores the wonders of the physical world.

These educational channels on YouTube are just a glimpse into the vast sea of knowledge available. Whether you want to dive into the mysteries of the universe, explore historical events, or understand complex scientific concepts, these channels offer a gateway to expanding your understanding of the world. So grab a notebook, sharpen your mind, and get ready to embark on an educational journey with these enlightening YouTube channels.

Music Channels

Music is a universal language that has the power to evoke emotions and bring people together. YouTube is a treasure trove of music channels that cater to various genres and styles. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, classical, or indie music, there’s a YouTube channel out there for you. Here are some top music channels worth exploring:

  • Billie Eilish: Billie Eilish’s YouTube channel showcases her mesmerizing music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and live performances. Her unique sound and compelling visuals have captivated millions of fans around the world.
  • Postmodern Jukebox: Postmodern Jukebox takes contemporary songs and gives them a vintage twist with their delightful renditions. Their channel features talented musicians and vocalists performing covers of popular hits in various retro styles.
  • GMM Grammy Official: GMM Grammy Official is one of the largest music channels in Thailand, featuring a wide range of Thai music, from pop and rock to traditional folk songs. It’s a gateway to discovering the vibrant music scene of Thailand.
  • NPR Music: NPR Music is a haven for music enthusiasts, showcasing intimate live performances, interviews, and music documentaries. From indie artists to renowned bands, their channel offers a diverse range of musical experiences.
  • Spinnin’ Records: Spinnin’ Records is a premier channel for electronic dance music (EDM) lovers, featuring music videos, DJ sets, and exclusive releases from some of the biggest names in the EDM scene.

These music channels represent just a fraction of the incredible variety available on YouTube. Whether you’re seeking chart-topping hits, underground indie tracks, or mesmerizing live performances, these channels will keep you entertained and connected to the world of music. So put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and let these fantastic YouTube music channels serenade you with their melodious offerings.

Entertainment and Pop Culture Channels

If you’re a fan of movies, TV shows, celebrities, or just love keeping up with the latest pop culture trends, YouTube has a plethora of channels that cater to your entertainment cravings. From celebrity interviews and movie reviews to behind-the-scenes content and viral trends, these channels offer a never-ending source of entertainment. Here are some top entertainment and pop culture channels worth exploring:

  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show’s YouTube channel features hilarious skits, celebrity interviews, and musical performances. Jimmy Fallon’s charm and comedic timing make every episode a must-watch.
  • Screen Junkies: Screen Junkies is known for their Honest Trailers series, where they provide witty and humorous commentary on popular movies and TV shows. Their channel also features movie reviews, film news, and entertaining discussions.
  • PopSugar: PopSugar covers a wide range of entertainment topics, including celebrity news, fashion, beauty, and health. Their channel offers a mix of interviews, lifestyle content, and engaging discussions on pop culture trends.
  • Vanity Fair: Vanity Fair’s YouTube channel dives deep into the world of entertainment and pop culture with their interviews and in-depth features. From actors and directors to musicians and writers, their videos provide a glimpse behind the glamour of the entertainment industry.
  • BuzzFeed Pop Culture: BuzzFeed’s Pop Culture channel delivers entertaining quizzes, listicles, and viral challenges related to movies, TV shows, and celebrities. Their creative content is perfect for casual browsing and indulging in light-hearted pop culture fun.

These entertainment and pop culture channels on YouTube offer something for everyone, whether you’re seeking celebrity news, movie discussions, or simply a dose of entertainment. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of entertainment and pop culture through these captivating YouTube channels.

Sports Channels

For sports enthusiasts, YouTube is a go-to platform to catch up on highlights, analysis, and behind-the-scenes content from a wide range of sports. From football and basketball to cricket and tennis, there are dedicated sports channels that provide thrilling coverage and engaging discussions. Here are some top sports channels worth exploring:

  • NBA: The official NBA YouTube channel offers game highlights, top plays, interviews, and exclusive content related to the National Basketball Association. Basketball fans can stay up to date with the latest news and enjoy the excitement of the NBA.
  • ESPN: ESPN’s YouTube channel provides a comprehensive coverage of various sports. From game highlights to analysis shows and documentaries, it’s a one-stop destination for sports news and commentary across different leagues and competitions.
  • FIFA TV: FIFA TV is the official channel of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). It offers exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and match highlights from international football tournaments.
  • WWE: The WWE YouTube channel is a haven for wrestling fans, providing match highlights, interviews, and exclusive content from World Wrestling Entertainment events. It’s the perfect channel for those looking for thrilling wrestling action.
  • MLB: The MLB YouTube channel features game highlights, player spotlights, and interviews from Major League Baseball. Baseball enthusiasts will have access to the best moments from the season and exclusive content.

These sports channels represent just a fraction of the outstanding sports coverage available on YouTube. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or simply looking to catch up on your favorite sports, these channels will keep you entertained and connected to the world of sports. So grab your snacks, cheer on your favorite teams, and enjoy the thrilling world of sports through these fantastic YouTube channels.

Health and Fitness Channels

If you’re looking to improve your health, get in shape, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, YouTube is a treasure trove of health and fitness channels. From workout routines and nutrition tips to mental wellness and motivational content, these channels offer guidance, inspiration, and expert advice. Here are some top health and fitness channels worth exploring:

  • Fitness Blender: Fitness Blender, run by husband and wife team Daniel and Kelli, offers a wide range of workout videos for all fitness levels. From HIIT sessions to strength training and yoga, their channel provides diverse and effective workouts that can be done at home.
  • Popsugar Fitness: Popsugar Fitness features a variety of workout videos led by professional trainers. Their channel offers everything from cardio and dance workouts to targeted training for specific areas of the body.
  • Yoga with Adriene: Yoga with Adriene is a popular yoga channel that caters to all levels of experience. Adriene’s calming and encouraging style makes her yoga practices accessible and enjoyable for beginners and advanced yogis alike.
  • The Body Coach: The Body Coach, hosted by Joe Wicks, is renowned for his high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and delicious and healthy recipes. His channel offers a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.
  • Blogilates: Blogilates, created by Cassey Ho, combines Pilates exercises with cardio and strength training. In addition to workout videos, her channel features challenges, healthy recipes, and motivational content.

These health and fitness channels on YouTube offer a wealth of resources to help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for intense workouts, relaxing yoga routines, healthy recipes, or mental wellness tips, these channels have you covered. So grab your yoga mat, put on your workout clothes, and embark on a journey to a healthier you with these fantastic YouTube channels.

Technology and Science Channels

For tech enthusiasts and science lovers, YouTube is a paradise of knowledge and innovation. Technology and science channels on YouTube offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of cutting-edge gadgets, scientific discoveries, and mind-blowing experiments. Here are some top technology and science channels worth exploring:

  • Unbox Therapy: Unbox Therapy is a popular channel that showcases the latest gadgets and technology. Hosted by Lewis George Hilsenteger, the channel provides comprehensive reviews, unboxing videos, and discussions on the latest tech trends.
  • Veritasium: Veritasium, hosted by Derek Muller, is known for captivating science videos that challenge common misconceptions and uncover fascinating scientific phenomena. Through experiments and interviews with experts, Derek explores the wonders of the physical world.
  • SciShow: SciShow offers engaging and educational videos on a variety of science topics, ranging from biology and chemistry to space exploration and environmental science. Their content is presented in an approachable and entertaining manner.
  • MKBHD: MKBHD, hosted by Marques Brownlee, is a technology-focused channel that covers in-depth reviews, hands-on demonstrations, and discussions on the latest gadgets and innovations. Marques provides a knowledgeable and insightful perspective on the world of tech.
  • NASA: NASA’s YouTube channel features a wealth of content related to space exploration, including breathtaking footage from missions, educational videos, and live streams of significant events. It’s a gateway to the wonders of the universe.

These technology and science channels on YouTube offer a captivating blend of information, entertainment, and innovation. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast looking for gadget insights or a science lover seeking fascinating discoveries, these channels have something for everyone. So grab your curiosity, embrace the wonders of technology and the mysteries of the universe, and embark on an educational journey with these fantastic YouTube channels.

Animation and Cartoons Channels

Animation and cartoons have a special place in the hearts of viewers of all ages. YouTube is a hub for creative and captivating animated content with channels that offer a diverse range of themes, styles, and storytelling techniques. Whether you’re a fan of classic animation, animated shorts, or animated series, there’s something for everyone. Here are some top animation and cartoons channels worth exploring:

  • Pixar: The official Pixar YouTube channel is a treasure trove for animation lovers. It provides behind-the-scenes content, short films, and trailers from the renowned animation studio, offering a glimpse into their creative process and storytelling magic.
  • TheOdd1sOut: TheOdd1sOut, created by James Rallison, is a popular animated channel known for its relatable and humorous storytelling. James’s animated videos bring to life everyday situations and personal anecdotes in an entertaining and engaging manner.
  • Jaiden Animations: Jaiden Animations, hosted by Jaiden Dittfach, offers a unique blend of storytelling and animation. Jaiden shares personal experiences and quirky anecdotes through animated videos that captivate viewers with their humor and relatability.
  • Cartoon Network: Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel features clips, episodes, and exclusive content from their beloved animated shows. From classic cartoons to their latest productions, it’s a nostalgic journey and a source of entertainment for cartoon fans of all ages.
  • TomSka: TomSka is known for his animated comedy sketches and hilarious shorts. From the popular “asdfmovie” series to absurd and witty animations, his channel is a delight for those looking for laughs and creative storytelling.

These animation and cartoons channels on YouTube offer a feast for the eyes and a journey into imaginative worlds. Whether you’re seeking animated entertainment, comedic sketches, or heartfelt stories, these channels have you covered. So sit back, relax, and let the colorful and vibrant world of animation and cartoons on YouTube transport you to captivating realms of creativity.

Vlogging and Personal Channels

Vlogging and personal channels on YouTube provide a unique window into the lives and experiences of individuals around the world. These channels offer a diverse range of content, from daily vlogs and travel diaries to personal stories and advice. If you’re interested in connecting with people on a personal level and gaining insights into their lives, here are some top vlogging and personal channels worth exploring:

  • Casey Neistat: Casey Neistat is a pioneer in the world of vlogging, known for his cinematic storytelling and adventurous spirit. His channel is a mix of daily vlogs, travel videos, and motivational content that inspires viewers to pursue their passions.
  • Safiya Nygaard: Safiya Nygaard’s channel is a mix of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content with a quirky twist. She takes her viewers on shopping adventures, experiments with unique fashion trends, and explores various aspects of modern life.
  • GloZell: GloZell Green is a comedian and vlogger known for her hilarious challenges, storytimes, and celebrity interviews. Her channel is a place of laughter and entertainment as she shares her wild and humorous experiences.
  • Mark Wiens: Mark Wiens’ channel takes viewers on a culinary journey around the world. His food and travel vlogs showcase delicious dishes, local cuisines, and cultural experiences as he explores different countries and their culinary delights.
  • Simply Nailogical: Simply Nailogical, hosted by Cristine Rotenberg, is a personal channel that blends humor with all things nails. From nail art tutorials to discussions on nail care, Cristine keeps her viewers entertained with her unique personality and witty commentary.

These vlogging and personal channels provide an intimate look into the lives, experiences, and interests of individuals. Whether you’re seeking adventurous travel stories, comedic anecdotes, or insights into unique hobbies, these channels offer a personal connection and a glimpse into diverse lives worldwide. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and let these fantastic YouTube vlogs and personal channels invite you into the lives of fascinating individuals across the globe.

Film and Movie Channels

If you’re a film enthusiast or simply love diving into the world of movies, YouTube is a goldmine of film-related content. Film and movie channels on YouTube cater to a wide range of interests, including movie reviews, analysis, behind-the-scenes footage, and discussions on a variety of genres. Here are some top film and movie channels worth exploring:

  • Every Frame a Painting: Every Frame a Painting is a beloved channel that explores the art of filmmaking. With in-depth analysis and insightful commentary, the channel breaks down film techniques, storytelling, and the craftsmanship behind some of cinema’s greatest moments.
  • CineFix: CineFix offers a mix of movie lists, analysis, and unique content like homemade movie remakes. From discussions on cinematography and editing to exploring the history of cinema, their channel caters to film buffs with a passion for all things movies.
  • Screen Rant: Screen Rant provides movie lovers with an array of entertaining and informative content. From movie trivia and Easter egg breakdowns to theories and reviews, their channel keeps viewers engaged with discussions on the latest films and beloved classics.
  • Film Riot: Film Riot is a treasure trove for aspiring filmmakers, offering tutorials, tips, and advice on all aspects of filmmaking. From cinematography techniques to editing tricks, their channel equips viewers with the knowledge they need to create their own movies.
  • Lessons from the Screenplay: Lessons from the Screenplay delves into the storytelling aspects of movies, discussing screenplays and narrative structure. By analyzing well-crafted films, the channel offers valuable insight into the art of screenwriting and the power of storytelling.

These film and movie channels on YouTube provide a rich exploration of the art, craft, and appreciation of cinema. Whether you’re interested in film analysis, behind-the-scenes insights, or learning about filmmaking techniques, these channels offer a mix of entertainment and education for cinephiles of all levels. So grab your popcorn, get cozy, and immerse yourself in the world of movies with these fantastic YouTube channels.

Fashion and Style Channels

If you have an eye for fashion or need inspiration for your own style, YouTube is a treasure trove of fashion and style channels. From trendy lookbooks and fashion hauls to styling tips and beauty tutorials, these channels cater to a wide range of fashion interests. Here are some top fashion and style channels worth exploring:

  • Zoella: Zoella, created by Zoe Sugg, offers a mix of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. From fashion hauls to beauty tutorials and vlogs, her channel provides insight into her personal style and offers guidance for those in search of new fashion trends.
  • Tess Christine: Tess Christine’s channel is a go-to destination for fashion and style inspiration. From outfit ideas and lookbooks to fashion tips and trend discussions, she showcases her unique sense of style and offers guidance for creating trendy and affordable outfits.
  • Pixiwoo: Pixiwoo is a versatile channel that covers makeup tutorials, beauty product recommendations, and fashion tips. The sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman, offer expertise in creating different makeup looks and provide insight into their personal fashion choices.
  • Inthefrow: Inthefrow, hosted by Victoria Magrath, offers a mix of fashion hauls, lookbooks, and style advice. She showcases her elegant and sophisticated style and provides fashion inspiration for various occasions.
  • Sarah Ashcroft: Sarah Ashcroft’s channel is all about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. From clothing hauls and style tips to makeup tutorials and travel vlogs, she shares her passion for fashion and offers guidance for creating fashionable looks.

These fashion and style channels on YouTube are just a small selection of the incredible content available. Whether you’re searching for fashion inspiration, beauty advice, or style tips, these channels provide a wealth of information and creativity to enhance your personal style. So grab your fashion essentials, experiment with new trends, and let these fantastic YouTube channels be your guide to creating a stylish and confident look.

Art and Design Channels

If you’re passionate about art and design, YouTube offers a wealth of channels that showcase creativity, provide tutorials, and inspire budding artists. From traditional drawing and painting to digital art and graphic design, these channels cover a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. Here are some top art and design channels worth exploring:

  • Draw with Jazza: Draw with Jazza, hosted by Josiah “Jazza” Brooks, offers a mix of entertaining and educational content related to drawing and art. From tutorials on various art styles to art challenges and product reviews, his channel motivates artists of all levels to unleash their creativity.
  • LavenderTowne: LavenderTowne’s channel features charming illustrations and insights into the world of art. Her videos range from drawing tutorials and art challenges to discussions on art philosophies and industry-related topics.
  • The Futur: The Futur channel focuses on graphic design, providing valuable insights and advice for aspiring designers. From portfolio reviews and design critiques to business and career tips, their videos offer guidance on becoming a successful designer.
  • Mural Joe: Mural Joe’s channel showcases the creation of awe-inspiring murals and large-scale artworks. His videos provide step-by-step processes, tips, and techniques for artists interested in working on large surfaces.
  • Proko: Proko is a channel dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of drawing and anatomy. Hosted by Stan Prokopenko, the channel offers instructional videos, tutorials, and demonstrations to help aspiring artists improve their drawing skills.

These art and design channels on YouTube provide a plethora of resources and inspiration for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master basic techniques or an experienced artist seeking new ideas, these channels offer valuable guidance and foster creativity. So grab your sketchbook, unleash your imagination, and let these fantastic YouTube channels be your gateway to the captivating world of art and design.

Pranks and Challenges Channels

If you’re in the mood for some light-hearted entertainment, YouTube is home to numerous channels dedicated to pranks and challenges. These channels showcase humorous and daring content that ranges from playful pranks to thrilling challenges. Whether you enjoy a good laugh or seek an adrenaline rush, here are some top pranks and challenges channels worth exploring:

  • NELK: NELK is known for their outrageous pranks and social experiments. Their bold and audacious approach to pranking often leads to hilarious and sometimes controversial situations, providing viewers with plenty of entertainment.
  • MrBeast: MrBeast, hosted by Jimmy Donaldson, is famous for his epic challenges and philanthropy. From massive group competitions to charitable acts, his channel combines entertainment and goodwill, captivating millions of viewers.
  • Prank vs Prank (Jesse and Jeana): Prank vs Prank chronicles the pranks played between Jesse and Jeana, a former couple. Their entertaining prank wars and lighthearted videos brought laughter to their viewers, creating unforgettable moments.
  • Dobre Brothers: The Dobre Brothers channel features a group of brothers engaging in various challenges, pranks, and vlogs. Their playful dynamics and energetic content entertain viewers with their hilarious adventures.
  • Guava Juice (Roi Wassabi): Guava Juice, by Roi Wassabi, showcases a mix of fun challenges, imaginative DIY projects, and entertaining experiments. Roi’s comedic style and creative content make his channel a joy to watch.

These pranks and challenges channels on YouTube offer a dose of light-hearted and entertaining content. Whether you enjoy harmless pranks or thrilling challenges, these channels provide a range of humorous and adrenaline-pumping experiences. So sit back, relax, and prepare for laughter and excitement with these hilarious and engaging YouTube channels.

Parenting and Family Channels

Parenting can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but YouTube provides a platform for parents and families to connect, share experiences, and seek advice. Parenting and family channels on YouTube offer a supportive community and valuable content, covering a wide range of topics related to parenting, child development, and family life. Whether you’re a new parent looking for guidance or seeking inspiration for family activities, here are some top parenting and family channels worth exploring:

  • The Parenting Junkie: The Parenting Junkie, hosted by Avital Schreiber-Levy, offers insightful videos on respectful and mindful parenting. Her channel focuses on fostering strong parent-child connections and provides practical advice for navigating the ups and downs of parenting.
  • Fathering Me: Fathering Me is a channel dedicated to sharing fatherhood experiences, offering support, and addressing various parenting challenges from a dad’s perspective. Their videos cover topics such as parenting tips, family adventures, and creating meaningful connections with children.
  • Sam and Nia: Sam and Nia share their family’s journey and adventures on their YouTube channel. From parenting challenges to DIY projects and family stories, their videos provide an inside look into the joys and struggles of raising a family.
  • The Holderness Family: The Holderness Family, known for their catchy parodies and heartwarming skits, creates humorous content centered around family life. Their videos reflect the ups and downs of parenting with a comedic twist.
  • Family Fun Pack: Family Fun Pack is a channel that showcases the adventures and activities of a family with five children. From travel vlogs and day-in-the-life videos to creative projects and family challenges, their channel offers a variety of entertaining and family-oriented content.

These parenting and family channels on YouTube provide a platform for parents to connect, learn, and share their experiences. Whether you’re seeking advice, inspiration, or simply a sense of community, these channels offer valuable insights and support. So grab a cup of coffee, join the conversation, and embrace the joys and challenges of parenting with these fantastic YouTube channels.

Animal and Pet Channels

If you’re an animal lover or a pet owner looking for entertainment, inspiration, or helpful advice, YouTube has a variety of channels dedicated to animals and pets. These channels offer heartwarming animal stories, informative pet care tips, and delightful animal videos. Whether you’re interested in cute and funny animal moments or seeking guidance for your own furry friends, here are some top animal and pet channels worth exploring:

  • The Dodo: The Dodo is a channel that showcases heartwarming animal stories, rescues, and adorable moments with pets. Their videos celebrate the love and bond between humans and animals, promoting compassion and understanding towards all creatures.
  • Cole and Marmalade: Cole and Marmalade are two rescued cats whose YouTube channel documents their daily adventures and educates viewers on various cat-related topics. From behavior tips to DIY projects for cat owners, their channel is a valuable resource for cat lovers.
  • Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: Zak George’s channel offers dog training tips and techniques for pet owners. With his positive and gentle approach, he provides guidance on dog behavior, obedience training, and solving common pet-related challenges.
  • Gone to the Snow Dogs: Gone to the Snow Dogs is a channel dedicated to the adventures of a Siberian Husky family. From sled dog races to training tips and fun activities, their videos showcase the energetic and playful nature of huskies.
  • Kitten Lady: Kitten Lady, hosted by Hannah Shaw, focuses on rescuing and fostering kittens, providing viewers with valuable knowledge and advice on kitten care. Her channel offers guidance on everything from feeding and socializing kittens to advocating for their welfare.

These animal and pet channels on YouTube provide a delightful escape into the world of animals. Whether you’re seeking heartwarming stories, helpful tips, or simply cute and amusing animal videos, these channels will brighten your day and deepen your love for our furry companions. So snuggle up with your pet, and let the joy and wonder of animals unfold through these fantastic YouTube channels.