42 Dugg Teams Up With Lil Baby For New Track ‘Go Again’ Following Prison Release


Detroit rapper 42 Dugg is wasting no time making moves after his recent release from prison. In partnership with fellow rapper Lil Baby, he has dropped a brand new track titled “Go Again.”

Key Takeaway

42 Dugg, recently released from prison, wastes no time in releasing a powerful new track titled “Go Again.” Teaming up with Lil Baby, the Detroit rapper demonstrates that his time behind bars has not dulled his lyrical prowess. With the guidance of Yo Gotti and the support of fellow artists, Dugg is making a strong comeback in the music industry.

After serving over a year behind bars for illegal gun possession, 42 Dugg didn’t waste a moment before hitting the studio with Yo Gotti, who had greeted him upon his release. The end result is a defiant and powerful single that showcases his sharp lyrical skills even after his time spent incarcerated.

A video from Diesel Films captures the initial exchange between Dugg and Gotti before the rapper is reunited with Lil Baby, another influential figure in the music industry. The chemistry between the two artists is undeniable, as they effortlessly pick up where they left off, indulging in their shared love for music and success.

Notably, 03 Greedo, a rapper known for his own success in the industry, had encouraged Dugg to apply pressure in the recording booth as soon as he was released from prison. It’s clear that Dugg has taken this advice to heart and is making the most of his newfound freedom.