B.G. Disses Lil Wayne On Finesse2Tymes’ ‘Gangstafied’ Track


B.G., who recently returned from prison, has taken a shot at Lil Wayne in a new track, “Gangstafied,” by Finesse2Tymes. In the song, B.G. refers to Lil Wayne in a derogatory manner, calling him a disrespectful name and questioning his behavior. This unexpected diss has left fans wondering about the state of their relationship and the possibility of a Cash Money Hot Boys reunion.

Key Takeaway

B.G.’s diss towards Lil Wayne in “Gangstafied” has caused a stir within the hip-hop community, prompting speculation about the state of their relationship and the potential for a Cash Money Hot Boys reunion.

B.G.’s Controversial Lyrics

In “Gangstafied,” B.G. openly criticizes Lil Wayne, suggesting that he is not living up to certain expectations. The diss has sparked curiosity among fans and the hip-hop community, as it comes at a time when there were hopes for a potential collaboration or reunion between the two artists.

Speculation and Reactions

Following B.G.’s release from prison last September, there was anticipation surrounding a potential reunion with Birdman and the Cash Money crew. However, B.G.’s recent actions, particularly his disparaging remarks about Lil Wayne, have raised doubts about the likelihood of such a reunion. Turk, another member of the Hot Boys, initially expressed optimism about a comeback but has since adopted a different tone in light of the recent controversy.