Turk Announces Hot Boys Reunion With B.G.’s Prison Release: Cash Money Coming Together


Hot Boy Turk, the rap artist who was part of the iconic Cash Money Records group known as the Hot Boys, has shared some exciting news. After an 11-year absence, his groupmate B.G. has been released from prison. According to Turk, this is a momentous occasion and they are both thrilled to reconnect.

Key Takeaway

Hot Boy Turk has confirmed that a Hot Boys reunion is in the works following B.G.’s release from prison. This news has generated excitement for fans who recall the influence and impact of the Hot Boys in the late 90s. With B.G.’s return, the group is expected to reunite with Juvenile and Lil Wayne, bringing back the iconic sound that defined an era in hip hop.

Turk expressed his deep bond with B.G. during their rise to fame as one of the most influential acts in hip hop history. However, due to B.G.’s lengthy sentence, their contact was lost. Now that B.G. is free, they have a lot of catching up to do.

The Impact of the Hot Boys

The Hot Boys, consisting of B.G., Turk, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne, left an indelible mark on rap music and popular culture in the late 90s. Their tracks like “Bling Bling” and “I Need a Hot Girl” showcased their lyrical skills and set trends with their unique slang.

A Highly Anticipated Reunion

With B.G.’s release, Turk believes that a Hot Boys reunion is on the horizon. Although there are no official plans yet, he is confident that they will come together along with Juvenile and Lil Wayne. The presence of their ex-CEO, Birdman, during B.G.’s release gives credibility to Turk’s reunion goals.

B.G. is currently under community confinement until July 2024. During his time in confinement, he has already had the opportunity to see familiar faces, including Birdman. This is a promising sign for long-time fans who have witnessed the various disputes between the Hot Boys and the label over the years.

Turk’s Musical Journey

In the meantime, Turk is focused on promoting his “Rich Thuggin” LP, which is a continuation of his debut album under Cash Money Records. However, he is ready to embrace the old times and reunite with his Hot Boys comrades at a moment’s notice.