Breaking News: 42 Dugg Released From Prison After 6 Months; Yo Gotti Greets Him Outside


Rapper 42 Dugg is once again a free man, having been released from prison after serving a 17-month sentence for gun possession. The Detroit native was greeted by his family, friends, and his CMG Records boss, Yo Gotti, outside the Georgia prison where he had been incarcerated since May 2022.

Key Takeaway

Rapper 42 Dugg has been released from prison after serving a 17-month sentence for gun possession. He was greeted outside by Yo Gotti, his CMG Records boss, and is now ready to make his comeback in the music industry.

Following a warm welcome home, the group wasted no time and immediately indulged in some delicious food before heading straight to the studio. It seems that 42 Dugg is eager to jump back into the music scene after his time away.

Challenging Prison Conditions

In May of this year, 42 Dugg made headlines for criticizing the conditions he faced in prison. He alleged that he had been held illegally past his court date and that the U.S. Marshals were playing mind games with him. His experience behind bars seemed reminiscent of a scene from a spy movie, as he felt as if he were Ethan Hunt himself.

The rapper had been on the run for several months, starting in late 2021 when he failed to turn himself in to a West Virginia prison. Eventually, he was caught and subsequently sentenced to one year in jail. However, he quickly expressed regret after experiencing the lack of hot water and other amenities within the facility.

It is worth mentioning that Yo Gotti had put up a substantial sum of $2 million to any attorney who could assist in reducing 42 Dugg’s sentence. Although it is unclear whether that offer played a role in his release, it is evident that Dugg is now back on the outside.

What’s Next for 42 Dugg?

Timing worked in 42 Dugg’s favor, as his release coincides with the upcoming CMG Tour, which features some of the hottest names in rap, including Moneybagg Yo, GloRilla, EST Gee, and more. If all the necessary paperwork is sorted out, fans might even get the chance to see Dugg perform onstage alongside his talented peers.