Big Jook Attends Funeral Before Tragic Shooting Death


A heartbreaking video has surfaced, showing Big Jook, also known as Anthony Mims, at a funeral in Tennessee shortly before his untimely demise. The footage captures some of his final moments as he is seen towering above other mourners in a somber black suit, visibly emotional as he pays his respects to his late uncle, Eric Bovan, at the open casket.

Key Takeaway

Big Jook, the brother of Yo Gotti, was captured in a poignant video attending a funeral shortly before his tragic shooting death in Memphis, leaving behind a legacy in the music industry.

Emotional Farewell

The circulating video depicts Big Jook, the older brother of renowned artist Yo Gotti, offering solace to friends and family at the funeral, embracing fellow mourners just hours before the tragic shooting that claimed his life.

Tragic End

Big Jook was fatally shot in Memphis outside Perignons Restaurant & Event Centre, with another individual reportedly wounded and rushed to the hospital. The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear, sparking speculation about potential connections to the 2021 murder of Young Dolph. Disturbing images and videos of the aftermath have since gone viral on social media.

Affiliation and Legacy

Despite being affiliated with Yo Gotti’s label Collective Music Group, Big Jook primarily focused on the business aspects of the music industry rather than pursuing a performing career. His unexpected passing at the age of 47 has left a void in the music community.