42 Dugg Receives Post-Prison Advice From 03 Greedo, Expresses Gratitude For Support


In an unexpected turn of events, Detroit rapper 42 Dugg’s recent release from prison has garnered the attention and support of fellow artist 03 Greedo. Having personally experienced the challenges of a lengthy prison sentence, Greedo reached out to Dugg during his time behind bars, providing guidance and inspiration.

Key Takeaway

After his release from prison, 42 Dugg has received valuable post-prison advice and support from fellow rapper 03 Greedo. Greedo, who understands the challenges of incarceration firsthand, encourages Dugg to quickly resume his musical career and predicts a prosperous future for him, thanks to his association with Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group.

A Mutual Appreciation

Greedo, known for his unique musical style and storytelling abilities, revealed that he considers Dugg to be one of his favorite artists from the Motor City. Recognizing the difficulties that Dugg faced during his own incarceration for gun possession, Greedo expressed optimism for his fellow rapper’s future, particularly due to his association with Yo Gotti’s influential Collective Music Group.

A Promising Future

Despite Dugg’s previous complaints about his prison conditions, including the necessity of using murky shower water to heat up his food, Greedo believes that smoother times lie ahead for him. With a strong backing from Yo Gotti’s record label, Dugg wasted no time in returning to the studio to create new music immediately after his release.

Greedo, drawing from his own post-prison experiences, advises Dugg to swiftly reclaim his position in the music industry, as he himself has successfully done since his liberation earlier this year. The “Wolf Of Grape Street,” as Greedo is affectionately known, continues to tour and stay booked with the music he has released following his release from prison.

Anticipated Collaboration

Both Greedo and Dugg share an undeniable connection, and fans can look forward to a collaboration between the two artists in the future. Greedo’s enthusiastic smile in a video clip clearly indicates the excitement and anticipation surrounding a potential musical partnership.