Zak Bagans Unveils Serial Killer Santa Costume Exhibit At Haunted Museum


For those seeking a chilling experience this holiday season, Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas is the place to be. The renowned “Ghost Adventures” star has recently revealed a new exhibit featuring a Santa costume once worn by the notorious serial killer, John Edward Robinson.

Key Takeaway

Zak Bagans has unveiled a disturbing exhibit at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, featuring a Santa costume once worn by the infamous serial killer John Edward Robinson. The exhibit serves as a chilling reminder of the dark and disturbing legacy of Robinson’s crimes.

The Disturbing Exhibit

John Edward Robinson, a convicted serial killer, con man, embezzler, kidnapper, and forger, gained infamy for his heinous crimes. The Santa costume on display at Zak Bagans’ museum was worn by Robinson to children’s parties, scouting events, and similar functions. Zak Bagans acquired the costume from Robinson’s estate a few years ago, and it is now showcased in the museum’s “Jail Room,” constructed from authentic bars disassembled from an Iowa prison. Bagans expressed his discomfort with possessing the serial killer’s costume, emphasizing that items belonging to such malevolent individuals should be confined behind bars.

The Horrifying Legacy of John Edward Robinson

John Edward Robinson’s depravity was evident in his conviction for three murders in Kansas City in 2003, for which he received the death sentence for two. Additionally, he confessed to being responsible for five other homicides, leading investigators to fear the existence of further unidentified victims. Robinson’s modus operandi involved making contact with most of his victims through online BDSM-themed chat rooms, often assuming the moniker “Slavemaster,” earning him the moniker of “the Internet’s first serial killer.”