Zak Bagans Invites Adele For A Free VIP Haunted Museum Tour And Séance


Adele, known for her hauntingly beautiful voice, has caught the attention of paranormal enthusiast Zak Bagans. The “Ghost Adventures” star recently learned that Adele expressed curiosity about his infamous Haunted Museum in the Las Vegas area during one of her residency shows. And Zak, being a fan of Adele himself, is extending a generous invitation for her to experience the museum firsthand, with a complimentary VIP tour and even a personal séance.

Key Takeaway

Paranormal enthusiast Zak Bagans invites Adele for a complimentary VIP tour of his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas and even offers the opportunity for a personal séance. Adele’s recent personal tragedies may make this an appealing experience for her as she explores the museum’s collection of haunted artifacts.

Adele’s Curiosity Ignites

During her concert, while engaging with the audience, Adele showed a keen interest in what her fans like to do in Sin City. One guest happened to mention Zak Bagans’ spooky tourist attraction, and Adele’s curiosity was piqued. Her interest in the haunted museum, renowned for its collection of artifacts purported to be haunted, caught Zak’s attention.

An Unforgettable Experience

Zak Bagans is eager to offer Adele an unforgettable and eerie experience at his Haunted Museum. The museum itself carries a fascinating history and is home to a vast assortment of paranormal artifacts. Zak, personally extending the invitation to Adele, will provide her with a complimentary VIP tour, giving her exclusive access to explore the haunted exhibits. Moreover, Zak is also willing to arrange a séance for Adele if she desires to communicate with the otherworldly.

A Chance for Connection

With recent personal tragedies in her life, including the loss of her estranged father and her best friend’s mother, Adele might see this invitation as an opportunity to connect with the departed. Zak is even open to enlisting the expertise of renowned psychic/medium Patti Negri to guide the séance, ensuring a truly authentic experience.

Will Adele Answer the Call?

Zak’s generous offer has been extended, and Adele, who currently resides nearby, has a unique opportunity to embrace the supernatural and explore the Haunted Museum. As the days grow darker and spooky season approaches, perhaps Adele will find solace, inspiration, or a connection to the unknown within the museum’s eerie walls. After all, as Adele herself once sang, “it’s time to love in the dark.”