Zak Bagans Unveils Haunted Jewelry Box Linked To Late Model Masuimi Max


Zak Bagans is set to reveal a new eerie addition to his museum, which has a chilling connection to the recently departed Playboy model, Masuimi Max. The item in question is a seemingly innocuous jewelry box, but it comes with a spine-tingling backstory that has left many unsettled.

Key Takeaway

The jewelry box, now on display at Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum, is said to have eerie paranormal properties and has been associated with unsettling experiences.

The Haunted Jewelry Box

  • Origin of the Box
  • Paranormal Experiences
  • Connection to Masuimi Max

According to reports, Charles Max, Masuimi’s brother, was deeply disturbed by the jewelry box, which he claims belonged to their late mother. After their mother’s passing, Charles was taken aback when their father chose to keep the jewelry box, as it is customary in Korean culture to burn a deceased loved one’s belongings. Upon taking possession of the box, Charles allegedly experienced amnesia and encountered several terrifying occurrences linked to the mysterious artifact, including cracked mirrors, unexplained cold spots, and a sensation of being immobilized by an unseen force.

Mysterious Circumstances

Despite Charles passing the box to another sister, it somehow found its way into Masuimi’s possession. The family remains perplexed as to how the box ended up with Masuimi, especially considering her strained relationship with their mother. The discovery of the jewelry box near Masuimi’s door on the day of her passing, coupled with the fact that she died on the same date as her mother, adds an additional layer of mystery to the already perplexing situation.

Zak Bagans has disclosed that the jewelry box contains only a broken necklace. The public can view this eerie item at the Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, provided they are brave enough to confront its unsettling presence.